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22-Jun-2018 17:49:27
US Mountain Standard Time
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Week # 16 Results28-Dec-17 11:23:50 AM
First of all, let me congratulate Marshawn ate your lynch for winning the weekly this week. She went 15-1 with some good spreads to win the moola. Raiders Suck was even more impressive but fell a little short going a perfect 16-0 with a Bang On but was not quite as good on the spreads but finished in 2nd. Bill Prossegger finished in 3rd going 14-2 but with 3 Bang On's. Bronco Chick finished in 4th to come from behind in fine fashion to grab some cash in the final money spot.
Cool story for those that don't follow the games as closely as I do and why I love this pool so much. When Philadelphia kicked the very late field goal to take the lead and presumptuously the win on Monday night, in pools that you just pick the winner it would have been decided at that point but not the Gridiron!!!!!! The late turnover by the Raiders for the Eagle score had a lot of fluctuation in the Gridiron standings. Bronco Chick ended up with a Bang On and took the money position away from Red Leader. Also in the Monday night category, Krista McTavish needed a miracle as the only score that would have helped her move into a tie for first place was a Philadelphia by 9 result and with a minute to go and the game tied it looked very bleak. Guess what happened though??? A field goal, a turnover for a TD and a knee taken instead of the extra point later there she was tied with Jim Carpenter for top spot as the late TD also moved Jim up there but if they had of kicked the extra point Chris Cameron would have retained his lead and Krista and Jim would of had to settle with less money. Chris Cameron finished 3rd falling one point short. So depending on what side of the turnabout you are on, the Gridiron keeps the game interesting right until the 0:00 of the final quarter. Gridiron Expert and Chad Pelland wrapped up the final payout spots in the Monday night category.
The NFL made an executive decision to NOT have a Sunday night game this upcoming week since there were no matchups that would have playoff implications based on the results earlier in the day not having an influence on the scenario for the Sunday night game. Since they would they decided to play all the games in the morning and afternoon time slots. The result of this decision is that the Sunday night category is also decided and TJ Watt Watt is crowned the winner. Mike Lanteigne, DangeRuss, SlapChop and Black&Yellow have also clinched some dough but the decision passed down by the NFL doesn't allow others that were looking to make a move this week to do so :(
The League and the H2H have the final match ups ready to go. In the League, Michael Pettifer will square off against Viva Las Vegas for the championship. In the H2H tournament, Don Kendall will try to keep Michael Pettifer from sweeping the year end showdowns. Don Kendall also has a story as if the Eagles had of kicked the extra point at the end of the game then it would have been DA BEARS!!!! trying to knock Michael Pettifer off. Take advantage Don....LOL
We have some true survivors as Dave Watkins, Jon Nickel, and they call me JJ have been trying to shake each other off the past 2 weeks with no luck in the Winner's Pool. Last week to get the job done or you will split the pot. Same goes for For the Winston, Idahoe, and Kim Tran in the Loser Pool. In the Second Chance Survivor, it falls down to Beez Nuts, Lyle Street, Tortured Football Wife, and Tylerbruhaug to fend off the final week choke and get a piece of the pie. Good luck to all involved still as Week 17 is sometimes unpredictable.
What do we have on the line this week? Of course our weekly prizes, the Top 20 Overall as well win. The Top 100 overall qualify for the Playoff Pool to have a chance for mo' money. Also the prize for the Target Score (if this score was your target you don't deserve any money....LOL) of 3274. A reminder that The closest to this score WITHOUT GOING OVER will win a free entry to the pool next season.
1. Must enter EVERY pick for the final two weeks of the season
2. Cannot pick any ties or games with your predictions over 25 in the final week
3. Any ties will be broken by the person who scored the highest in Week 17 (still tied then the previous week, etc).
Any money won by participants NOT advancing in the playoff pool will be paid after Week 17. If you won money and are advancing in the playoffs then the money will be paid after the Super Bowl.
Good luck to all this week and your last ditch efforts to make something happen.
Week # 15 Results28-Dec-17 09:34:08 AM
Wow!!!! Only 2 weeks left in the regular season. Don't forget to get your picks in for Thursdays ga...........wait a minute. No more Thursday games!!!!!!! This means that Dave Wood can officially be declared the winner of the Thursday night category. Congrats!!!! More kudos can go out to Cheeseburger Eddie for 2nd place, Johnny Jarvis who took a chance to overtake Dave but managed to maintain a money spot in 3rd. Soho and Bronconation Omaha for both winning free entries next season for finishing in 4th and 5th.
There are two games on Saturday that need your attention before kick off on Saturday at 1:25pm PST and the rest of your picks need to be in by the regular time on Sunday morning.
Congratulations goes out to a well deserved weekly winner as Jannett Johnson went 15-1 with a Bang On to win this week. Weird coincidence as Warren Johnstone (not Johnson but close) finished in 2nd also going 15-1 with a Bang On but Jannett's spreads were a little better. BooHoo also had a great week to finish in 3rd with 4 Bang On's. To carry on the coincidence, The Hali Lama Lover (Melody Johnston, no relation to Johnson or Johnstone) finished in 4th to capture the last prize position.
In the Overall standings, the one consistent is our overall leader Michael Pettifer who continues to maintain a sizable but not insurmountable lead. Warren Johnstone, Black&Yellow, and Billy Greene all jumped into the Top 5 to shuffle things up and Jim Carpenter leaped into the Top 10 to make things even more interesting in the mix.
This week is the last week of Monday Night Football but there are two games on Monday and both will count towards the Monday Night total with Chris Cameron holding onto a slim lead. Can he hold onto the top money spot?
The Final Four have now been established for both the Head 2 Head and the League. In the H2H Don Kendall will square off against DA BEARS!!! in the first semi and the winner will face the winner of the Michael Pettifer/Scott Morrison bout. In League play, Michael Pettifer (this is becoming repetitive) will have a duel with Todd Sorel in one match up with the winner jousting against the Viva Las Vegas/Rated R Superstars winner. All semi-finalists are now guaranteed winnings but now it's a matter of how much???
No change in the Survivor Pools as everyone's picks came through for them.
The Dropped Week had an unfortunate change as 2nd place Bradley Luedke failed to enter his Sunday picks which dropped him from a money spot allowing Check My Balls and Saintsational to share the last cash position in that category.
This is my last e-mail before Christmas so let me take the opportunity to wish you all the best Christmas. Hope you've all been good so Santa brings you what you want. Maybe even some cash in the Gridiron this week. All the best to you all your families !!!!!!!
Week # 15 Scenario18-Dec-17 10:59:16 AM
Well it's all wrapped up for Jannett Johnson except........if it's a tie then NFLuenza would sneeze there way in there.
All the H2H and League match ups are clinched for the final money spots. Just awaiting to see if Idahoe and Lyle Street advance in their Survivor pools and any moving and shaking in the Monday night category.
Week # 14 Results12-Dec-17 03:49:51 PM
First of all, please be aware that this week there are 2 Saturday games. The picks for BOTH these games must be submitted before the 1st game on Saturday (1:25pm PST). I would suggest to enter them the same time you enter your Thursday pick so that in case you are in a routine you will not miss these games.
This weeks winner is Mustangs who went 13-3. Mustangs edged out Christian Raso who went 12-4 with a Bang On to finish in 2nd place. Keeley Warren got the first 4 games wrong this week but rallied back to nail the next 12 including the Miami upset win on Monday Night to go 12-4 with a Bang On and slid into 3rd place. The Mexican rounds out the winner's circle coming in 4th with his 11-5 record with 2 Bang On's.
Don't look now but Chris Mahadeo and Karim Mekki just plunged into the Top 5 chasing down the leader Michael Pettifer. Warren Johnstone, Black&Yellow, and SlapChop have jumped into the Top 10 making a chase as well.
Black&Yellow continues to hold down the lead in the Winners category but there is lots of shuffling doing on behind him. Dirty Dan has moved into a tie for the lead in the Bang On category with napper41 who both sit comfortably 5 Bang On's ahead of the rest of the pack. Which one will surpass the other to claim victory???
In the Thursday night category, Dave Wood and Johnny Jarvis are battling it out on the top of the pack with this Thursday being the last Thursday game of the season it should be an interesting showdown. Is anybody going to catch TJ Watt Watt who stands alone 24 points ahead of Mike Lanteigne with only 2 games to go (Wk 15 & 17). No change in the Monday night with the Miami upset but it does take a game away in an attempt to catch Chris Cameron on Monday night. Only three game remain (this week and 2 next week) but there's a lot of contenders in this category.
We have a new leader in the Highest Dropped Week category as Y.Lee Kyody got hung up by the Roadrunner to allow Warren Johnstone to take over the lead. Is there any more hiccups in store for this category???? Stay tuned......
The League Play has it's final 8 poolster in place and ready to rumble this week. The winners of these match ups this week are guaranteed prize money. Here are the match ups:
Michael Pettifer vs Tony Pisiak
Angel Lostale vs Todd Sorel
Viva Las Vegas vs Sirhan
Jim Causier vs Rated R Superstars
The same goes for the H2H Tournament. Here are these match ups:
Don Kendall vs Skuzz Twittly
Trent Whitlock vs DA BEARS!!!
Michael Pettifer vs bobs your uncle
Hingle McCringleberry vs Scott Morrison
The Survivor Pools took a hit with both the Bears upset over the Bengals game and the Dolphins domination over the Pats. We now have only 3 poolsters left in both the Winners and Losers Pool while we have dwindled down to 4 in the Second Chance pool. Who can withstand the pressure of not messing up this late into the contest.....LOL (no pressure)
Only 3 weeks left in the regular season. A reminder that the Top 100 poolsters overall advance to the playoff pool for a chance to win even more money. Weekly winners always have a chance as long as you get your picks in. Best of luck to you all and don't forget about Saturday's games.
Week # 14 Scenario11-Dec-17 11:05:04 AM
If Miami wins or if New England wins by 14 or more then Mustangs wins the weekly.
If New England wins between 1-13 then Christian Raso wins the weekly.
In League Play:
Pool 01 - Angel Lostale has won this week and clinched the division and will move on to the Elite 8.
Pool 02 - Sirhan is moving onto the Elite 8.
Pool 03 - Viva Las Vegas has won this week and clinched the division and will move on to the Elite 8.
Pool 04 - Rated R Superstars is moving onto the Elite 8.
Pool 05 - Todd Sorel has won this week and clinched the division and will move on to the Elite 8.
Pool 06 - Michael Pettifer is moving onto the Elite 8.
Pool 07 - Jim Causier is moving onto the Elite 8.
Pool 08 - With the pending 5-way tie at 4-3 about to happen. It would be Tony Pisiak advancing to the Elite 8 as his Head to Head record against the other 4 is the best amongst the tied participants (Tony Pisiak 3-1; Mauls & Rucks 2-2; Todd Marijuanavich 2-2; Beera Hayre 2-2; Bronconation Omaha 1-3).
Best of luck to the two going for the weekly and the Finalist in the Elite 8 next week.
Week # 13 Results06-Dec-17 02:09:35 PM
Well the weekly came right down to the last play of the week but CHINNER was happy with the results as he won the weekly going 15-1 with a Bang On. I know a happy drunk when I see one and Let the Liquor do the Picking is one happy drunk as they finished in 2nd place this week going 15-1 with 2 Bang On's. Fifty Shades of Clay was in the driver's seat to win this week until the Steelers rallied back and ended up in a respectable 3rd place going 14-2 with a Bang On. Being a friendly pool that it is, 4th place was tied by Grant MacDougall and Mission: Minneapolis both had great weeks as well.
Overall, Michael Pettifer has a comfy lead overall but Steel Curtain and The Hali Lama Lover made a push this week entering the Top 10 overall. Just a reminder that the Top 100 Overall advance to the Playoff Round so now is the time to make a move depending on how far back you are.
Thursday night - Johnny Jarvis closed the gap on Dave Wood. Only two Thursday games left (Wk 14 & 15) so it's time to make your move.
Sunday Night - TJ Watt Watt plucked a Seattle by 14 Bang On over the Eagles to move into top spot. Mike Lanteigne followed the open door to move into 2nd with the win. Three games to go (Wk 14, 15, and 17)
Monday Night - Chris Cameron continues to lead Jim Carpenter. Four games remaining (Wk 14, 15 and two Wk 16).
I'm sure there's a good story behind it but the only change in the Winner and Loser Survivor pool is the fact that Morg Madu never entered his picks. The Second Chance Pool only lost 3 poolsters this week so there are 28 remaining with 4 to go. The teams are getting scarce so it will get tougher in the weeks to come.
The H2H tourney is down to the Final 16 and the two finalist from the 1st half are still around in this tourney as well (Kokanee Camper and The Hali Lama Lover). Good luck this week to the Top 16 remaining.
In the League play we are in the Final week of the Elimination Round and here is what is at stake for each division:
Pool 01 - Angel Lostale is playing Cavuntus Maximus and the winner advances to the Final 8.
Pool 02 - Sirhan has clinched the Final Round of 8.
Pool 03 - Viva Las Vegas wins and she's in, loses and she's out.
Rico in with win AND Viva Las Vegas loss.
Masset in with win AND Viva Las Vegas loss AND must gain 15 more points than So Fresh So Clean.
So Fresh So Clean in with win AND Rico loss AND more than or within 14 points of Masset.
Pool 04 - Rated R Superstars has clinched the Final Round of 8.
Pool 05 - Todd Sorel wins and he's in, loses and he's out.
- Luc Hamel in with win AND Todd Sorel loss.
- Steel Curtain in with win AND Luc Hamel loss.
Pool 06 - Michael Pettifer has clinched the Final Round of 8.
Pool 07 - Jim Causier has clinched the Final Round of 8.
Pool 08 - Tony Pisiak is in with a win.
- Mauls & Rucks is in with win AND Tony Pisiak loss.
- So many different alternatives to break down for others if they both lose.....LOL
Best of luck to you all this week.
Week # 13 Scenario04-Dec-17 10:36:38 AM
Pretty straight forward this week.
If Pittsburgh wins the Monday night game then CHINNER wins the weekly.
If Cincinnati wins then Fifty Shades of Clay would be your winner.
Best of luck to both of you.
Week # 12 Results29-Nov-17 03:44:33 PM
We have our first weekly tie of the season as Skuzz Twittly and Steel Curtain tie for the weekly even though Skuzz Twittly had one extra win. They both had 4 Bang On's. This great week also moves Skuzz Twittly into the Top 5 overall. Black Unicorn and Chad Pelland settled for a 3rd place tie both going 14-2.
The League is two weeks away from finalizing the Final 8 and the key matchups this week are in Pool #2 where co-leaders Sirhan is squaring off against Mustangs and the winner is in great shape to advance. The other key match up is Michael Pettifer being able to clinch a berth with a win over Lyle Street who is one game back and if Lyle wins can create a tie-breaker where Lyle would have the Head-to-Head advantage.
Dave Wood has pulled away from the pack after the three Thursday games and is in a comfortable position to win this category with only 3 Thursday games remaining.
EAGLES RULE!!!! is now in front of the very tight pack of leaders in the Sunday night category.
The only Survivor blemish was Glenn Bingley in the Loser pool allowing only 4 poolsters remaining along with the 7 that are continuing along in the Winner Pool. There are only 31 remaining in the 2nd Chance pool as 7 more were eliminated due to the Giants upset over the Chiefs.
Week 13 is quickly upon us. Keep getting those picks in and help make the final push. Good luck to everybody.
Week # 12 Scenario27-Nov-17 09:09:36 AM
Well this week there will not be a weekly winner......THERE WILL BE TWO!!!!!!
Skuzz Twittly and Steele Curtain both have 369 points and Baltimore by 7 points. Nobody can pass them EXCEPT......I Said Spread 'Em is the highest ranked team to pick a tie so if that come through they will win the weekly.
Had to find some sort of scenario though and I did as Clayton Clarke has the highest weekly total so far this season with 381 points but if Baltimore wins between 1-26 then Skuzz Twittly and Steele Curtain would overtake his season high score and be in the running to win the prize for highest score of the season.
Best of luck guys.
Week # 11 Results21-Nov-17 01:08:03 PM
DA BEARS!!! is this weeks weekly winner going 12-2 and some really good spreads. Mike Lostale came close but will cash in on 2nd place winnings also going 12-2. KTao had to get a Bang On on Monday night to get any prize and that's exactly what he did to tie Ryan Gregoire for 3rd place both going 11-3.
Mike Pettifer has the biggest lead overall thus far this season sitting atop Baby Got Dak by 61 points. Chris Mahadeo dropped one spot to 3rd. Karim Mekki is creeping up as he now sits in 4th while Kokanee Camper dropped a notch to 5th.
The Executioners benefitted from the Eagles blowout on Sunday night and has now moved into top spot in the Sunday Night Category.
Each Survivor Pool took a hit due to the Giants upset win over the Chiefs. The Winner Pool is down to the final 7 and the Loser Pool is dwindled down to 5. The 2nd Chance Pool trimmed 70% of the fat down to a lean 38 poolsters remaining.
***FINAL REMINDER*** All the Thursday games on the US Thanksgiving must be entered prior to the first game in the morning (9:25am PST). The balance of the weeks picks are due at the regular 9:55am PST on Sunday morning.
Best of luck to everybody. It's getting down to crunch time.
Week # 11 Scenario27-Nov-17 09:02:10 AM
If Atlanta wins or if Seattle wins between 1-3 or by 27 or more then DA BEARS!!! would win the weekly.
If Seattle wins by 4 or 26 then DA BEARS!!! and Baby Got Dak would tie.
If Seattle wins between 4-6, by 8 or between 10-25 then Baby Got Dak would win.
If Seattle wins by 7 then Baby Got Dak and Arm Chair Coordinator would tie for the weekly prize.
If Seattle wins by 9 then SlapChop would rally in the weekly win.
Funky one this week. Good luck to all of you. Remember that ALL 3 games need to be entered before the first game on Thursday morning so get your Thursday picks in right now if you can.
Week # 10 Results14-Nov-17 02:32:34 PM
Well Carolina kind of blew Miami out of the water but the only question was if they were going to slow down. If Carolina had of escalated the margin of victory to over 34 then Tej Sandhu would have seen his weekly win slip out of his hands. Instead good ol' prevent defence kicked in and allowed Tej to get the victory by going 13-1 with 2 Bang On's. Beez Nuts was the only person to pick a perfect 14/14 but fell one point short finishing in 2nd. The Byrds & the Brees followed up in 3rd going 13-1 with a Bang On and Kim Tran finished 4th also going 13-1 with a Bang On.
Steel Curtain got bent out of shape with past week as he hit a wall and lost his top spot in the Dropped Week category allowing Y. Lee Kyody to take it over.
The Survivor pools didn't change much as we only lost 12 poolster in the 2nd Chance pool.
Regular schedule this week but for those of you who tend to have problems getting your Thursday picks in you might want to also enter next weeks Turkey Day Games as ALL the Thursday picks need to be in prior to the first game in the morning. This way they are entered and you can always change your pick closer to game day.
Best of luck to all of you this week.
Week # 10 Scenario13-Nov-17 10:59:17 AM
If Miami wins or if Carolina wins between 1-8 or by 34 or more then Beez Nuts wins the weekly.
If Carolina wins between 9-32 then Tej Sandhu wins the weekly.
If Carolina wins by 33 then they would tie.
Best of luck to both of you.
Week # 9 Results07-Nov-17 11:34:49 AM
Well we have just passed the halfway point of the season now and we have no clear cut front runners pulling away this year. Good for a tight race to the finish.
Congrats this week goes out to Mr. Ruskin who walked away from the pack with his winners AND spreads going 11-2. Hingle McCringleberry was the closest but I'm sure will be happy with his second place prize winnings. Last weeks winners Rocky had another great week finishing in 3rd and hitting on 2 Bang On's. Chris Stalman rounds out the winners sneaking into the money by one point going 11-2 with a Bang On.
It came down to the Monday night game but Kokanee Camper is the 1st Half H2H Champ defeating The Hali Lama Lover 184-164 in the Finals. Steel Curtain takes home the 3rd prize earnings by beating Tyson's Titans 216-171.
Crystal Hudon, the Gridiron 2013/14 Champ is back in familiar territory as she is now in the Overall lead but Michael Pettifer is close on her heels in 2nd.
The Second Chance Survivor Pool took a whipping in its first week back in action. A total of 377 poolster opted out right away. This pool could end fast. The Winner Survivor Pool dwindled down from 20 down to 12 this week and the Loser Pool is down to the Final 6. We're getting close.
A lot of people had their worst week of the season thus far as the Top 5 in the Dropped Week category had to use their 2nd worst week towards their overall standings allowing Steel Curtain, Y. Lee Coyote and Warren Johnstone to move into the Top 3 spots in the Dropped Week category now.
Cheeseburger Eddie and Dave Wood share the lead on Thursday Nights now. TJ Watt Watt has vaulted into the new leader position on Sunday nights while Chris Cameron and Russell Wilson Strikes Again both share the co-leader position on Monday Nights. Lots of shuffling going on.
Best of luck to all of you in the Second Half starting with next week.
Week # 9 Scenario06-Nov-17 09:48:45 AM
If Detroit wins or if Green Bay wins by 14 or more then Mr. Ruskin would win the weekly.
If Green Bay wins between 1-12 then Mike Lanteigne would win the weekly.
If Green Bay wins by 13 then they would tie.
The H2H Tournament is coming down to the final game. If Detroit wins then Kokanee Camper is the champ and if Green Bay wins then The Hali Lama Lover would be crowned queen.
Best of luck to all of you.
Week # 8 Results31-Oct-17 03:54:11 PM
In a week of perfection, Rocky was the weekly winner and he wasn't even perfect.
A total of thirteen poolsters went 13/13 with picking winners but Rocky only missed the Miami/Baltimore game but everyone who picked Baltimore got minimal points because they didn't have the confidence to pick them by 40.....LOL. Congrats to Rocky for a week of great picks AND spreads. Bally B finished in 2nd, Checkmyplse in 3rd and Bradley Luedke rounds out the prize winners in 4th. All three had perfect picks. Now you know why the spreads are important and come into play.
The finals are set for the H2H as The Hali Lama Lover is squaring off against Kokanee Camper. Both are in the Top 15 Overall and are within 6 points of each other so it should be a close match.
Week 9 is upon us and that means that the H2H Tournament and the Second Chance Survivor starts up again so more chances for everyone to get back in the swing of things. The H2H is again a win and advance or lose and go home tournament. The Survivor pool is a little different than the Winner and Loser pool as in this version you MUST PICK A WINNER AND LOSER BUT IS DIFFERENT GAMES. Again once you select a team you cannot select them again. ***If you select a team to win, you can't pick them to win OR lose again***
Best of luck to everybody in Week 9. Here's to new beginnings.
Week # 8 Scenario30-Oct-17 09:27:26 AM
We are going to have an outright winner this week as there are no tie scenarios. Everything is straight forward.
If Denver wins or if Kansas City wins between 1-6 or between 13-23 then Checkmyplse would win the weekly.
If Kansas City wins between 7-9 then Bradley Luedke would win.
If Kansas City wins between 10-12 then Rocky would win.
If Kansas City wins by 24 or more then Throw Up the X would capture the crown.
Good luck to all those involved.
Week # 7 Results26-Oct-17 11:35:22 AM
First of all let me take this moment to let you know that THIS SUNDAY IS ONCE AGAIN A 6:25AM PST START DUE TO ANOTHER GAME BEING PLAYED IN ENGLAND. Make sure your Sunday picks are in prior to the first game this weekend.
Congratulations this week goes out to Elliott Smith who was this weeks winner going an impressive 14-1. Warren Johnstone fell just short only going 12-3 but had some fantastic spread points. TINKERBELL* came in 3rd but was also close going 13-2 which included 1 Bang On. Liz Hamel and Semi Retired tied for the final prize spot going 13-2 and 14-1 respectively.
Billy Greene has hoisted bigger trophies in his lifetime but gaining the top of the podium in the Gridiron is quite the accomplishment as he now leads the Overall standings.
Johnny Jarvis has taken over the lead in the Thursday night category and Don Kendall has done the same on Sunday nights.
The H2H is down to the Final Four and all are guaranteed prize money. This week the winners will at least be guaranteed 2nd place prize money ($180) and a chance for the Championship title and $400 while the losers will still battle it out for the 3rd place prize.
League Play is starting for all the division winners this week. Good luck to all of you.
Next week will be the start of the next H2H Tournament to get everyone back in the mix and also the start of the 2nd Chance Survivor Pool so we will all have another opportunity to get back into Survivor mode.
Good luck to everyone this week.
Week # 7 Scenario23-Oct-17 08:05:21 AM
Well not too much to this this week.
If Philadelphia wins of if Washington wins between 1-6 or by 9 or more then Elliott Smith wins the weekly.
If Washington wins by 7 then TheRealRamGill wins with his Bang On.
If Washington wins by 8 then they will tie.
Good luck you guys.
Week # 6 Results18-Oct-17 02:54:02 PM
Lonny Monteith may not have realized this but when Derrick Henry broke loose for the last Titan TD with 1:00 to go it raised his winnings from $60 to $360, a $300 TD. Just goes to show how precious each score is. Lonny went 10-4 to take the win. Shawn Hudon had to show his wife and previous winner that he was the bread maker in the family by taking over the family lead in prize money by finishing in 2nd place going 9-5 with 2 Bang On's. Michael Pettifer finished a close 3rd with a 9-4 record and sliding into 4th was Mission: Minneapolis who also finished with a 9-4 record.
Chris Mahadeo has shown the Elsmore clan "Who's the Boss" as he has overtaken ex-roommate Clayton Clarke for the overall lead.
The H2H is now down to the final 8. The Match-ups are as follows:
Eric Hambleton vs Tyson's Titans
The Hali Lama Lover vs Beginner's Luck
The Big Sexy vs Kokanee Camper
Steel Curtain vs Ripley's Believe It Ballers
The winners of these matches will be guaranteed some prize money.
This is the final week of the 1st round of League Play. Many divisions have been clinched but there are some win and in match ups this week.
Slap Chop vs Lyle Street
Remember the Tennessee Titans vs Tylerbruhaug
PATRIOTS vs Brett Huber
Trophy Wife vs Morg Madu
Bald Ricky vs Bill Prossegger
Steel Curtain vs Bally B
Best of luck to everyone this week.
Week # 6 Scenario16-Oct-17 09:02:44 AM
Well we have a funky scenario so try to keep up.....LOL:
If Indianapolis wins then MAGRATS wins.
If Tennessee wins between 1-5 or between 7-11 then Shawn Hudon wins the weekly.
If Tennessee wins by 6 then Tony Pisiak deserves it.
If Tennessee wins by 12 or more then Lonny Monteith is crowned weekly champ.
If the game happens to end in a tie then The Eh Team would surprise everybody for the win.
Good luck to you all.
Week # 5 Results11-Oct-17 02:41:28 PM
Congratulations to #HereWeGo as he went an incredible 12/14 with 2 Bang On's to capture the weekly win.
Ty Beliveau also went 12/14 but with 1 Bang On and no game scores in the 30's to cash in on the 2nd place prize.
Napper41 finished in 3rd place going 10/14 but did connect with 3 Bang On's.
Rounding out the weekly payouts is Brady's Deflated Balls who went 11/14 with a Bang On. Congrats to all of you.
The Survivor Pool continues to make short work of many others as over half of the pool got washed away with the Jaguars upset over the Steelers. Only 63 remain in the Winners Pool and only 46 remain in the Losers.
The League Play has now got two clinched division winners. Congrats to Tyson's Titans and Glenn Robinson who have both already qualified for the next round.
The H2H is down to the Final 16.
DA-FUZZ now has the highest dropped week having a low score of 206.
Corner Pylons has the most wins going an astonishing 53/77 or 69%. A great pace.
"Throwpill" now leads the Sunday Nighters.
Best of luck to all of you in Week 6.
Week # 4 Results03-Oct-17 03:37:23 PM
Well it came down to the final game of the week but Andrew Balchin held off Chad Forman to get the win. Andrew went 13-3 with 2 Bang On's for the weekly win.
Kokanee Camper slid into the # 2 spot going 12-4 also with 2 Bang On's.
Vick in a Box had a great week to finish in 3rd with his 12-4 record.
J-Ville Jack tied for the final money spot with his 10-6 record but had 5 games score 30 or more. He tied Young Gunz who only got into the position because of the final play of the week when the Redskins lateralled the ball around allowing the Chiefs to score and NOT kick the extra point. A lot had to happen and it did. Congrats to you all.
Clayton Clarke leads the overall standings at the quarter pole. Trevor Johnstone and Maximus Decimus Meridius sit atop the podium along side him.
Napper41 leads the way in Bang On's with 10 while Clayton Clarke and Dirty Dan are tied for 2nd with 8. Next closest to them has 6.
Jannett Johnson leads the way Thursday night followed closely behind by Erik Law and The Hali Lama Lover.
On Sunday Nights Liz Hamel leads the pack followed by TJ Watt Watt in second and johnnyg and the Executioners tied for 3rd.
The tightest race is on Monday nights where Maximus Decimus Meridius is slightly ahead of Jim Carpenter and Brett Huber.
The Head 2 Head tournament is down to the final 32 and the league Play is starting to look more clearer with almost coming down to the end of Round 1.
The Survivor took another beating this week as we only have 140 Winner and 141 Loser Survivors remaining. A nice 43 people are still alive in both.
Back to the regular deadline in Week 5 so no excuses to not get your picks in. Best of luck to you all next week.
Week # 4 Scenario02-Oct-17 10:34:33 AM
Pretty simple this week.
If Kansas City wins or if Washington wins by 28 or more then Andrew Balchin is your winner.
If Washington wins between 1-26 then Chad Forman wins the weekly.
If Washington wins by 27 then Andrew and Chad would tie.
The only exception to this is if Kansas City wins by 10 then Kokanee Camper and Andrew would also tie.
Good luck to all of you.
Week # 3 Results29-Sep-17 10:20:33 AM
Well Black&White pulled it out in the end when the Cowboys came through for him to win the weekly. Brad went an astonishing 13-3 in a not so typical week to pull out the victory.
Mike Lanteigne went a just above average 10-6 but was fantastic with his spreads to sneak into 2nd place.
Bill Buchannon was in the lead most of the week but lost the Monday nighter to fall to 3rd with a 11-5 record and 2 Bang On's.
Brett Huber snuck into the $$$ just bypassing Misty Bell for the 4th spot. Who says a missed extra point can't come back to haunt ya.....LOL
The Survivor Pools took another shot this week with another 126 getting the boot in the Winner Pool while 86 are hasta la vista baby in the Loser Pool.
Sunday morning deadline of 6:25am PST is in affect this weekend so get your picks in early.
Good luck to all in Week 4.
Week # 3 Scenario25-Sep-17 01:45:15 PM
If Arizona wins between 1-6 or by 32 or more then Bill Buchannon wins the weekly.
If Arizona wins between 7-31 then Bill and Misty Bell would tie for the weekly.
If Dallas wins then Black & Yellow would win the weekly.
Best of luck to all of you.
This week there is a game in London England. Since it's the first game on Sunday, ALL YOUR PICKS NEED TO BE ENTERED BEFORE 6:25AM PST SUNDAY MORNING.
There is nothing I can do if YOU forget. Take a moment and enter your picks now. You can always change it if you don't get up in time. Hate to see people miss out on a week because they ignored this post.
Week # 2 Results19-Sep-17 03:12:02 PM
The stars aligned for Clayton Clarke. The Gridiron Journeyman finally has won a weekly title being one of the longest winless streaks in the Gridiron history. Clayton went 15-1 and also had 3 Bang On's for a score that would beat the highest score of all of last season. Congrats buddy!!!!
Trevor Johnstone is a rookie but has this strategy down pat as he too went 15-1 and had 2 Bang On's but really cashed in on his spreads to nail down the 2nd place spot.
A familiar name at the top of the standings is Crystal Hudon who finished 3rd this week going 14-2 with 2 Bang On's.
I love when Cowboy fans win money as #GFY only went 13-3 but had a total of 6 games scoring in the 30's to settle in 4th.
As you will see when you search in the Overall standings only your best week is counted. You can find your lower week in the Highest Dropped Week Standings in the drop down menu. If you ever have a lower week than the current lowest score, your newest low score will replace your past low score in this category and your past low score will be calculated in the Overall Standings. Whoever has the Top 4 lowest weeks at season's end will win money as well.
Week # 1 Results13-Sep-17 12:55:35 PM
Congratulations goes out to Raiders Suck as he missed the Kansas City upset but plucked every other win this week with a 14/15 record. Well done Sean.
Donna Buchannon capitalized on her Thursday night upset pick but really made up ground on her accuracy with her spreads. She only got 11/15 correct but with 2 Bang On's and great points on other games vaulted her up to take 2nd spot.
GoldenGram took 3rd place going 12/15 and good spreads and that Gladiator guy (name too long to type) went 13/15 and finished in 4th place to win some money. Way to go Graham and Rick.
The Survivor pools took a hit Week 1 as we lost 127 poolsters in the winner pool and a whopping 178 in the loser pool. Many lost on both in the KC/NE Thursday night game. Ouch!!!!
Just a reminder to get your picks in as we shockingly had 11 poolsters miss week 1. Still early and lots of time to redeem yourself as you may or may not know we only count your best 16 out of the 17 weeks towards your overall standings.
You will notice that after Week 2 plays out that only your best week thus far will count in the Overall standings. This is because of that dropped week. It is a lot easier to remove it now and calculate as we go than shock somebody when we adjust it in Week 17.
Where in the World......09-Aug-17 10:44:42 AM
......can you join a fun football pool which pays over $28,000 in a season for a one time fee of $60????
What do you get for your $60 you ask:
Entries into - not 1 but 3 Survivor Pools, 2 Tournament brackets, 1 League Play, 17 chances to win 1 of 4 weekly prizes each week, too many season long competitions to name them all (read in previous messages below) and lots more. And it's as easy as taking 5 minutes a week to enter your picks.
What are you waiting for? Contact me now to get started. Read below for more details.
Welcome to the 23rd Annual Gridiron Football Pool!!!!!!09-Aug-17 11:09:19 AM
Is it that time of the year already??? Wow, well welcome or welcome back to the Gridiron Football Pool website. The entry fee this season is $60CDN ($50US). All returnees are guaranteed their spot for the upcoming season as long as their entry fee has been paid by August 24th. On August 25th the remaining spots will be available on a first come first paid basis and will close on September 6th. Here is a list of options so that you can choose what payment is easiest for you:
1. If you have a Coast Capital Savings Account the easiest and no fee charge way to do it is transfer the money to Membership # 3391425. Please make sure you leave your name in the message so I know who it is from or send me an email so I'm not guessing.
2. Bank transfer - Please use as the address and use the answer gridiron.
3. Pay Pal - There is a fee on my end so if you choose this option please send $64.00CDN ($53US). Once again send fees to
4. Mail or drop off at:
#32 - 16772 61 Avenue
Surrey, BC
V3S 4P2
Please remember that when using this option you won't be set up until I RECEIVE the cheque. If you drop it off, please contact me first to make sure I'm home. Use the entrance right off the street on 61st as the back entrance is only access to the garage and you'll be standing there forever wondering why I'm not answering.
For those not familiar with the pool please read below for a detailed description of how the pool works and click on the rules link to the left and the money distribution as well to see all the winners from last season.
I'm looking forward to another great year and I hope you have fun.
Description of Prize Payouts09-Aug-17 10:56:06 AM
For those of you new to the pool and for those who didn't quite get it last season here is a breakdown of the types of standings and other ways to win money.
Overall Standings
I've basically broken down how the points work in the rules (link to the left under Documents). The overall standings is the total of your points from your best 16 out of 17 weeks (you throw your worst week out the window, but it comes back later read on). The Top 20 at the end of the regular season win prize money. Any ties split the total prize money between the tied positions.
Weekly Results
This category is your total points from all of the games for the week. There is one weekly winner, one second place winner and one third place winner each week and 17 weekly and runner up winners throughout the season. Any ties split the weekly winnings.
Highest Dropped Week
This is where your worst week of the season comes back into play. See how your worst week stacks up against your fellow participants. If you fall in the Top 3 you actually win money for a bad week (it can't be too bad though).
Most Bang On's
Bang On's are predictions where you pick the correct team AND the correct spread. If you can average slightly over 1 per week you've done very well for yourself as they are tougher to come by as you would think. Whoever ends up with the 3 highest totals wins $$$ at seasons end.
Most Winners
So you were way off on your spreads throughout the season. You couldn't even come close, fear not as there is a category for you. Back to basics, just picking the winner of the most games by the time the season closes. Top 3 winners get to say "Show me the Money".
Sunday Night Scores
Whenever you see Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth and Michele Tafoya on Sunday night is when this category kicks in. Add up all your Sunday night scores throughout the year and see if it earns you some cash. Yes, you guessed it, the Top 3 get paid.
Monday Night Scores
See Sunday Night Scores but replace Al, Cris and Michele with Jon Gruden, Mike Tirico and Lisa Salters.
Playoff Standings
The Gridiron Football Pool also rewards their Top Point getters with a bonus playoff round to win more money. The Top 100 at the end of the season qualify for the Playoffs (no more money required). You basically do the same as you have during the regular season by picking the team and spreads every week but as you start nearing the Super Bowl some people need to start taking chances with either wacky big spreads or pulling for a huge underdog to come through to snag victory out from underneath the leaders feet. Weird things happen but you're never safe until the Vince Lombardi trophy is raised. The Top 5 win money.
Head 2 Head Tournament
Do nothing more than enter your picks and enjoy the game. This little tournament gives you something else to pull for during the season. Starting in Week 1, you have a chance to be the last poolster standing. Each week you will be facing off against someone else in the pool. You will be able to see their picks after the deadline and then you can compare which games you have different and cheer on those games. Win and you move on, lose and you're done. The Top 3 winners win money (if you make the Top 4 the losers in the semi-finals play each other for 3rd place). Don't worry if you get knocked out early because we start all over again in Week 9 and do it again one more time.
Here is the tie breaker procedure:
1. Most wins
2. Most Bang On's
3. Best score in prior week
4. Best score 2 weeks prior etc.
Please click on the Display Head 2 Head link to the left for the bracket and find yourself and who you face (coming once participants are finalized).
League Play is returning. With 512 poolsters, we will start the season with 64 groups of 8. Everybody plays everyone in their division once and after 7 weeks whoever is on top of their division will move onto the next round. Starting Week 8, the 64 division leaders will be reseeded and broken into 8 divisions of 8 poolsters and once again everybody plays everybody in their division once. Division winners will move onto the Round of 8 and play single elimination bracket for the final 3 weeks of the season. Only the strong will survive this league.
Tiebreaker Rules
1. Head to Head
2. Most points in the Round currently playing
3. Most Wins in Round
4. Most Bang On's
5. Most Points in Overall Standings
6. Whatever
The Survivor Pools
Winner Pool - Select a winner each week. If they win you move onto the following week lose and you're out. The catch is that you cannot pick the team that you selected again for the balance of the season.
Loser Pool - Same as the winner pool but you select a team to lose. If you select a team to win you CAN select the same team to lose in the Loser pool.
The Second Chance Survivor Pool - Starting in Week 9 everybody will have another chance to win the Survivor Pool. This one is a little different though. You will have to choose a team to win and a team to lose. You have to win BOTH to advance AND you have to select teams playing in separate games (can't pick a winner and loser that are playing each other) to move onto the next week and both those choices will be removed from your pick selection list.
The money breakdown will be up shortly as well once I determine the amount of poolsters and the breakdown of all the different prizes. (Click on Money Distribution for last seasons disbursements)
Gridiron Web Features09-Aug-17 11:21:00 AM
For all the standings for each individual category please click on the Display Results & Standings and click on the drop down box titled Select Standing Type. This will show you the standings for the Most Wins, Most Bang On's, Most Sunday night points, Most Monday night points, Best Dropped Week and the Wed/Thur Night Category. You can also select a year to reminisce how you fared in seasons past. The dropped week will come into play starting Week 2. When you notice that after Week 2 that only one week was recorded it is because you don't count your lowest week at seasons end. The Overall Standings will always calculate your total score minus your lowest week.
One of the newer features that Rae has installed on the web site is the Compare Player Picks link to the left. Use this feature to to see how you stack up against your opponenet for the week. The games you have different will be bolded to easily see which games mean the most to win and view the results and compare how the spread points differ between the two sets of picks.
The Head 2 Head tourney starts Week 1 so click on Display Head 2 Head. Underneath the Cowboys picture there is a link titled Jump to my Name. Click on this link and it will show you where you are on the flow chart and it should be highlighted. Win you move on lose and your out.
Click on Display Survivor Results to see how you and others fared in the Dog Eat Dog world of the Survivor Pool.
Highlight your friends in your standings. Click on Edit Profile in the top right corner of the page. Select the Display Name or the Player name of your friend and then click on ADD FRIEND (I always forget that part). Once that is done they will be highlighted on your standings page as well. Select as many or as little as you want.
Survivor Rules14-Aug-14 12:26:42 PM
Once you get your password (which you only get once you pay) and click on Enter My Picks, you will notice at the top of the page a box with an arrow pointing to it titled Survivor Pick. Every week you will select a team to outright win the game. If they win you advance to the next week. If they lose then you are done for the season. That sounds easy enough, what’s the catch. The catch is you are only allowed to select a team once per season. Once you’ve selected a team you can no longer pick them so it gets tougher as you go along.
Your pick MUST be in before the deadline of Sunday at 9:55 PST. If you forget, you’re out of luck.
On the left side of the screen, click Display Survivor Results and you will be able to see the other Survivor picks 5 minutes prior to opening kickoff.
We also have a Loser Survivor Pool as well. Same as the picking the winner as in seasons past but this one who have to pick the losers.
The prize payout will be determined once the field of participants has been established. If more than 1 of you survive all 17 weeks you will split the prize pot between yourselves. If more than one of you are eliminated at the same time but are the last group remaining you will split the pot.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to fire off your questions and I would be happy to share them with the group.
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