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27-Jun-2017 22:09:41
US Mountain Standard Time
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Week 16 Scenario and Final Reminders and Updates02-Jan-17 11:00:42 AM
First of all congrats to #craftymon for walking away with the Week 16 weekly. Well done.
The upcoming week is the last week of the regular season. For most of us it's a last hurrah for some weekly $$$. For others, it's BIG BUCKS!!!!! It's a chance a participate in the playoff pool. Survivor picks are on the line, A season long LEAGUE PLAY comes to a close and we crown a Champion.
Please take a moment to get your picks in for the final week of the season. For those of you who qualify for the playoff pool (the Top 100 overall at seasons end) you will receive instructions on how the playoff pool works in an email to follow after the season is complete.
For those of you who do not qualify, thank you for participating in the pool and I hope you enjoyed it and plan on returning next season. If you won money and DIDN'T qualify for the playoffs I will be sending out an email with payout instructions. Playoff participants will be paid after the Super Bowl.
Best of luck to all of you but especially the Overall go getters.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and the best to you in 2017.
Week 15 Scenario19-Dec-16 01:22:45 PM
If Washington wins between 1-5 then Habsolutely Not would win the weekly.
If Washington wins between 6-9 then gvin would win.
If Washington wins by 10 or more or if Carolina wins by 24 or more then Top Shelf would win it.
If Carolina wins between 1-22 then Newly Retired would win the weekly.
If Carolina wins by 23 then Top Shelf and Newly Retired would share the prize.
If Carolina wins the game then Beez Nuts would win the Loser Survivor Pool.
Congrats to Fruce Baulkner, John Danyluk, Birdie Bro and Bronco Brian who have all advanced to the H2H semi-finals guaranteeing themselves some earnings.
Also congrats to Jimmy Mac Attack, Kuschman and RUDY who have all persevered through the grueling League Play and advanced to the semi-finals also guaranteeing themselves some winnings. I would say the same to Jaysee but Myron Gibbs can mathematically catch him if Washington wins by 7. Jaysee advances with any other score.
Whew!!!!! Best of luck to all of you.
Week 14 Scenario12-Dec-16 08:41:30 AM
Chad Pelland has already clinched the weekly win as he went a perfect 15/15 thus far with 2 Bang On's. Great weekend Chad and congrats !!!!!!
Week 13 Scenario05-Dec-16 09:46:14 AM
If New York Jets win then Chris Stalman wins the weekly.
If Indianapolis wins between 1-9 or by 35 or more then Newly Retired would win the weekly.
If Indianapolis wins between 10-33 then Rajan Hayre wins the weekly.
If Indianapolis wins by 34 then Newly Retired and Rajan would tie.
Good luck to all of you.
Week 12 Scenario28-Nov-16 09:11:52 AM
If Green Bay wins or if Philadelphia wins by 23 or more then peter jones wins the weekly.
If Philadelphia wins between 1-21 then Dave Lankmayr wins the weekly.
If Philadelphia wins by 22 then they would tie. Good luck you two.
Week 11 Scenario21-Nov-16 10:06:19 AM
If Oakland wins or if Houston wins by 21 or more then Aneil Kochar wins the weekly.
If Houston wins between 1-19 then Chris Lund wins the weekly.
If Houston wins by 20 then Aniel and Chris would tie.
Best of luck to both of you.
Week 10 Scenario14-Nov-16 01:44:30 PM
If Cincinnati wins then Carrie Burns wins the weekly.
If New York Giants win between 1-8 then Sedro Wooley wins the weekly.
If New York Giants win by 9 then Sedro and Derrick Arki would tie for the weekly.
If New York Giants win by 10 or more then Derrick would win out right.
Good luck to all three of you.
Week 9 Scenario07-Nov-16 11:38:31 AM
If Buffalo wins or Seattle wins between 1-12 or by 37 or more then Kokanee Camper wins the weekly.
If Seattle wins between 13-35 then Don Kendall would be a back to back weekly winner.
If Seattle wins by 36 then they would tie. Best of luck to both of you.
Week 8 Scenario31-Oct-16 09:47:01 AM
If Minnesota wins or Chicago wins by 13 or more then Dustin Collins wins the weekly.
If Chicago wins between 1-11 then Don Kendall wins the weekly.
If Chicago wins by 12 then they tie. Best of luck you two.
League Tie-Breaking Rules24-Oct-16 11:42:49 AM
Before I get swarmed with what's the tie-breaking rules. Here they are as they were originally posted in August (see below)
Tiebreaker Rules
1. Head to Head amongst tied participants
2. Most points in the Round currently playing
3. Most Wins in Round
4. Most Bang On's
5. Most Points in Overall Standings
Week 7 Scenario24-Oct-16 10:58:01 AM
Congrats to TheAutumnWind who went 12-2 thus far. Nice when things fall into place for once right?
The only thing that he can't win with is if for some astronomical reason there is a tie. Can lightning strike twice.....LOL
Week 6 Scenario16-Oct-16 09:11:08 PM
Congratulations goes out to Chadwickville Champs as he has already clinched the weekly prize for Week 6.
Week 5 Scenario10-Oct-16 02:54:58 PM
If Tampa Bay wins Brent Mooney wins the weekly.
If Carolina wins between 1-9 then Disco Stu wins the weekly.
If Carolina wins by 10 or more then Teddy Grahams wins the weekly.
Good luck to all of you.
Week 4 Scenario03-Oct-16 07:42:39 AM
If Minnesota wins or if NY Giants win by 28 or more then JM Lostale wins the weekly.
If NY Giants win between 1-26 then GATWAL wins the weekly.
If NY Giants win by 27 then you tie.
Best of luck guys.
Week 3 Scenario25-Sep-16 08:59:56 PM
If New Orleans wins between 1-9 or by 35 or more or if Atlanta wins by 28 or more then Rajan Hayre wins the weekly.
If New Orleans wins between 10-33 then Peter Smith wins the weekly.
If Atlanta wins between 1-26 then FalconSmith wins the weekly.
If New Orleans wins by 34 then Rajan and Peter would tie for the weekly.
If Atlanta wins by 27 then Rajan and FalconSmith would tie for the weekly.
Week 2 Scenario18-Sep-16 09:01:00 PM
If Philadelphia wins or if Chicago wins by 23 or more then Mike Lostale wins the weekly.
If Chicago wins between 1-4 then Gridiron Expert wins the weekly.
If Chicago wins between 6-21 then CR420 wins the weekly.
If Chicago wins by 5 then Gridiron Expert and CR420 would tie for the weekly.
If Chicago wins by 22 then Mike and CR420 would tie for the weekly.
Best of luck to the three of you.
Week 1 Scenario12-Sep-16 07:18:51 PM
If San Francisco wins then Myron Gibbs wins the weekly.
If Los Angeles wins between 1-5 then Sacks in the City wins the weekly.
If Los Angeles wins by 6 or by 32 or more then Todd Sorel wins the weekly.
If Los Angeles wins between 7-31 then Todd and Blake Ross would tie for the weekly.
Enjoy the game boys!!!!!!!!
Where in the World......30-May-16 12:49:54 PM
......can you join a fun football pool which pays over $30,000 in a season for a one time fee of $60????
What do you get for your $60 you ask:
Entries into - not 1 but 3 Survivor Pools, 2 Tournament brackets, 1 League Play, 17 chances to win 1 of 4 weekly prizes each week, too many season long competitions to name them all (read in previous messages below) and lots more. And it's as easy as taking 5 minutes a week to enter your picks.
What are you waiting for? Contact me now to get started. Read below for more details.
Welcome to the 22nd Annual Gridiron Football Pool!!!!!!07-Aug-16 11:03:25 AM
Is it that time of the year already??? Wow, well welcome or welcome back to the Gridiron Football Pool website. The entry fee this season is $60CDN ($50US). All returnees are guaranteed their spot for the upcoming season as long as their entry fee has been paid by August 27th. On August 28th the remaining spots will be available on a first come first paid basis. Here is a list of options so that you can choose what payment is easiest for you:
1. If you have a Coast Capital Savings Account the easiest and no fee charge way to do it is transfer the money to Membership # 3391425. Please make sure you leave your name in the message so I know who it is from or send me an email so I'm not guessing.
2. Bank transfer - Please use as the address and use the answer gridiron.
3. Pay Pal - There is a fee on my end so if you choose this option please send $64.00CDN ($53US). Once again send fees to
4. Mail or drop off at MY NEW ADDRESS:
#32 - 16772 61 Avenue
Surrey, BC
V3S 4P2
Please remember that when using this option you won't be set up until I RECEIVE the cheque. If you drop it off, please contact me first to make sure I'm home. Use the entrance right off the street on 61st as the back entrance is only access to the garage and you'll be standing there forever wondering why I'm not answering.
For those not familiar with the pool please read below for a detailed description of how the pool works and click on the rules link to the left and the money distribution as well to see all the winners from last season.
I'm looking forward to another great year and I hope you have fun.
What's New This Year !!!!!!!!28-Aug-15 11:41:39 AM
Two new things for this season that we didn't have last season. The first thing is actually an old thing making its comeback. League Play is returning. With 512 poolsters, we will start the season with 64 groups of 8. Everybody plays everyone in their division once and after 7 weeks whoever is on top of their division will move onto the next round. Starting Week 8, the 64 division leaders will be reseeded and broken into 8 divisions of 8 poolsters and once again everybody plays everybody in their division once. Division winners will move onto the Round of 8 and play single elimination bracket for the final 3 weeks of the season. Only the strong will survive this league.
Tiebreaker Rules
1. Head to Head
2. Most points in the Round currently playing
3. Most Wins in Round
4. Most Bang On's
5. Most Points in Overall Standings
6. Whatever
The second new thing is a Second Chance Survivor Pool
Starting in Week 9 everybody will have another chance to win the Survivor Pool. This one is a little different though. You will have to choose a team to win and a team to lose. You have to win BOTH to advance AND you have to select teams playing in separate games (can't pick a winner and loser that are playing each other) to move onto the next week and both those choices will be removed from your pick selection list.
I'm excited about both these new additions and hope you are too!!!!!!!!
One new web feature that just got started at the end of last season but must be acknowledged is the Friends list which can be found in the Edit Profile link in the Top Right corner of the page. This is used to easily locate your group of friends in the standings page as the specified list will be highlighted when you scroll down the standings to see how your friends have fared. This will help with your bragging rights if all those highlights are below you....LOL
Description of Prize Payouts28-Aug-15 10:25:35 AM
For those of you new to the pool and for those who didn't quite get it last season here is a breakdown of the types of standings and other ways to win money.
Overall Standings
I've basically broken down how the points work in the rules (link to the left under Documents). The overall standings is the total of your points from your best 16 out of 17 weeks (you throw your worst week out the window, but it comes back later read on). The Top 20 at the end of the regular season win prize money. Any ties split the total prize money between the tied positions.
Weekly Results
This category is your total points from all of the games for the week. There is one weekly winner, one second place winner and one third place winner each week and 17 weekly and runner up winners throughout the season. Any ties split the weekly winnings.
Highest Dropped Week
This is where your worst week of the season comes back into play. See how your worst week stacks up against your fellow participants. If you fall in the Top 3 you actually win money for a bad week (it can't be too bad though).
Most Bang On's
Bang On's are predictions where you pick the correct team AND the correct spread. If you can average slightly over 1 per week you've done very well for yourself as they are tougher to come by as you would think. Whoever ends up with the 3 highest totals wins $$$ at seasons end.
Most Winners
So you were way off on your spreads throughout the season. You couldn't even come close, fear not as there is a category for you. Back to basics, just picking the winner of the most games by the time the season closes. Top 3 winners get to say "Show me the Money".
Sunday Night Scores
Whenever you see Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth and Michele Tafoya on Sunday night is when this category kicks in. Add up all your Sunday night scores throughout the year and see if it earns you some cash. Yes, you guessed it, the Top 3 get paid.
Monday Night Scores
See Sunday Night Scores but replace Al, Cris and Michele with Jon Gruden, Mike Tirico and Lisa Salters.
Playoff Standings
The Gridiron Football Pool also rewards their Top Point getters with a bonus playoff round to win more money. The Top 100 at the end of the season qualify for the Playoffs (no more money required). You basically do the same as you have during the regular season by picking the team and spreads every week but as you start nearing the Super Bowl some people need to start taking chances with either wacky big spreads or pulling for a huge underdog to come through to snag victory out from underneath the leaders feet. Weird things happen but you're never safe until the Vince Lombardi trophy is raised. The Top 5 win money.
Head 2 Head Tournament
Do nothing more than enter your picks and enjoy the game. This little tournament gives you something else to pull for during the season. Starting in Week 1, you have a chance to be the last poolster standing. Each week you will be facing off against someone else in the pool. You will be able to see their picks after the deadline and then you can compare which games you have different and cheer on those games. Win and you move on, lose and you're done. The Top 3 winners win money (if you make the Top 4 the losers in the semi-finals play each other for 3rd place). Don't worry if you get knocked out early because we start all over again in Week 9 and do it again one more time.
Here is the tie breaker procedure:
1. Most wins
2. Most Bang On's
3. Best score in prior week
4. Best score 2 weeks prior etc.
Please click on the Display Head 2 Head link to the left for the bracket and find yourself and who you face (coming once participants are finalized).
The money breakdown will be up shortly as well once I determine the amount of poolsters and the breakdown of all the different prizes. (Click on Money Distribution for last seasons disbursements)
SURVIVOR PICK !!!14-Aug-14 12:19:56 PM
Please remember to enter your Survivor picks located in the RED box located above the rest of your picks on the pick sheet. The deadline for the Survivor pick this year will remain on Sunday to allow all those who miss the early games of the week a chance to still pick a game remaining. Obviously if you put in your pick after the Thursday game then those Thursday teams will not be eligible to pick from. Hopefully this helps everyone.....if you SURVIVE!!!!!
Gridiron Web Features14-Aug-14 12:23:10 PM
For all the standings for each individual category please click on the Display Results & Standings and click on the drop down box titled Select Standing Type. This will show you the standings for the Most Wins, Most Bang On's, Most Sunday night points, Most Monday night points, Best Dropped Week and the Wed/Thur Night Category. You can also select a year to reminisce how you fared in seasons past. The dropped week will come into play starting Week 2. When you notice that after Week 2 that only one week was recorded it is because you don't count your lowest week at seasons end. The Overall Standings will always calculate your total score minus your lowest week.
One of the newer features that Rae has installed on the web site is the Compare Player Picks link to the left. Use this feature to to see how you stack up against your opponenet for the week. The games you have different will be bolded to easily see which games mean the most to win and view the results and compare how the spread points differ between the two sets of picks.
The Head 2 Head tourney starts Week 1 so click on Display Head 2 Head. Underneath the Cowboys picture there is a link titled Jump to my Name. Click on this link and it will show you where you are on the flow chart and it should be highlighted. Win you move on lose and your out.
Click on Display Survivor Results to see how you and others fared in the Dog Eat Dog world of the Survivor Pool.
Survivor Rules14-Aug-14 12:26:42 PM
Once you get your password (which you only get once you pay) and click on Enter My Picks, you will notice at the top of the page a box with an arrow pointing to it titled Survivor Pick. Every week you will select a team to outright win the game. If they win you advance to the next week. If they lose then you are done for the season. That sounds easy enough, what’s the catch. The catch is you are only allowed to select a team once per season. Once you’ve selected a team you can no longer pick them so it gets tougher as you go along.
Your pick MUST be in before the deadline of Sunday at 9:55 PST. If you forget, you’re out of luck.
On the left side of the screen, click Display Survivor Results and you will be able to see the other Survivor picks 5 minutes prior to opening kickoff.
We also have a Loser Survivor Pool as well. Same as the picking the winner as in seasons past but this one who have to pick the losers.
The prize payout will be determined once the field of participants has been established. If more than 1 of you survive all 17 weeks you will split the prize pot between yourselves. If more than one of you are eliminated at the same time but are the last group remaining you will split the pot.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to fire off your questions and I would be happy to share them with the group.
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