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04-Jun-2023 00:36:29
US Mountain Standard Time
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Week 17 Summary and Week 18 Deadlines06-Jan-23 01:34:04 PM
First of all a quick reminder that there are two games on Saturday this week.  Both these game picks are required before the first game at 1:25pm PST on Saturday.  The balance of your picks are due at 9:55am PST on Sunday.  It's the last kick at the can to win a weekly so don't give up because you never know.
As you may or may not have heard, the Buffalo/Cincinnati has officially been cancelled and considered a "No Contest".
Congrats this week goes out to Crystal (14-1, 2 Bang On's) as she managed to edge out Mike Davis (13-2, 0) by one point for the weekly win.  Bronconation Omaha (14-1, 1 BO) finished 3rd.  Hate the Drake (13-2, 2 BO) slid into the final weekly payout spot.
We have quite the battle overall as the Top 6 remain intact but it's One Cheek Sneak that now has the edge in 1st place but any good week by anybody in the Top 14 can diminish that as it's that close.
The Thursday category (TNF) has come to a conclusion with Phil "12 men in the huddle" Hamel coming out victorious to win top honours. Hunter Clarke (2nd), Fat Bob (3rd) and Ginga Ninjas (4th) made great picks to jump into the next three spots.  Birdie Bros, DangeRuss tied for the final money spot (5th) with RAVENS 52 who had to get a Bang On to share a piece of the pie.
The Monday category (MNF) also came to a conclusion with the standings staying put due to the Damar Hamlin misfortune.  Congrats to Mr.Ruskin who held off the field to win this title.  CHINNER and Lauren Dong will share the 2nd and 3rd pace prizes while Marvin Dege and Red Leader solidify the Top 5.
Dirty Dan is in the driver's seat to win the Bang On category for the fourth time in 8 years as she has a 3 game lead over 2nd place Nick Pausak who has a 3 game lead over Birds of Prey, Blair Madu, and Sacks in the City who are all tied for 3rd and battling it out for the prize money spots.  Dirty Dan's 29 Bang On's thus far is a new Gridiron record for one season.
Dr. Evil has the edge with a two game lead over One Cheek Sneak in the Winner's category.  Juan Trapero, Steveston Bills and cowboys are in striking distance to round out the current Top 5.
The Loser Pool had quite the scare last week as 4 of the 6 had the Raiders to lose but the Raiders forced the 49ers to win it in OT thanks to a 49er interception in OT.  The 6 will attempt to win ONE MORE TIME to win or share the prize.
The Second Chance Survivor slashed it's contestants in half this week as 22 became 11 participants vying to win with one week to go.  Good luck to "Skol To The Bowl", always run from the 1, Brad Joseph, Danta's Dixie, DEETRAIN, Fruce Baulkner, Geoffrey Legg, Kavorka, MisfitMofos, Sirhan and The Filthy McNastys to make it one more week.  Don't choke !!!!!!!! (now I did it)
Congrats to (412) Rowdy Roddy Peeper and (70) Geoff Noel who have earned the right to face each other in the H2H finals.  (144) Covideo Replay and (247) Bordering on Uncomfortable will battle it out for the 3rd/4th consolation Final.  Still money to be had.
The season long League Play has reached the end as well with JJboss squaring off against Matt Nielsen for the title of Champion (and 1st place prize money....LOL).  D 2 THE C will play spyboys in the consolation final.  The winner wins the extra $70.  Good luck to all 4 of you.
Lastly, don't forget about qualifying for the Playoff Pool.  The Top 100 at the end of the regular season qualify to earn a chance to win even more money in our 13 game Playoff Pool to conclude the season.
Poolsters who earned money but DON'T qualify for the playoff pool will be receiving an email to start receiving their prize money.  For those that qualify for the playoff pool, that email will be sent following the Super Bowl.
There is a lucky dog that wins a free entry next season.  That lucky dog will be the top point getter NOT qualifying for the Playoff Pool.  Any ties will split the $80.
Good luck to everybody and get those picks in for your chance to win.
Week # 17 - Weekly Scenario02-Jan-23 07:50:44 PM
If Buffalo wins between 1-28 then Bronconation Omaha wins the weekly.
If Buffalo wins by 30 or more OR if Cincinnati wins between 1-9 then Crystal is victorious.
If Cincinnati wins by 10 or more then Mike Davis takes the main prize.
Good luck to the three of you.
Week 16 Summary27-Dec-22 11:59:03 AM
Well, we are coming down to crunch time.  Two weeks remain in the season and so many outcomes yet to be determined.
First of all congrats to Ryle.E Coyote (12-4, 4 Bang On's), your Week 16 Champ.  Ryle was followed close behind by Princess and the Pool (13-3, 2BO's) who finished second and Viva Las Vegas (14-2, 1BO) who claimed the third position.  Jonesing For a Win (12-4, 1BO) rounds out the prize winner finishing fourth.
The League play is coming to a conclusion as both JJboss and Matt Nielsen have both clinched a berth to the finals so this week is like having a bye.  D 2 THE C will play VanHawk and spyboys will face off against Indy with or without Luck as the winners will play for 3rd and 4th place next week.  The losers walk away empty handed.
The H2H semi-finals have been finalized and we have (144) Covideo Replay square off against (412) Rowdy Roddy Peeper and (247) Bordering on Uncomfortable go toe to toe with (70) Geoffrey Noel for the right to advance to the H@H Championship game.  The losers will play for 3rd and 4th place money.
Indy with or Without Luck continues to hold down the #1 spot overall but One Cheek Sneak made a surge up to 2nd passing Dak Dak Dak Bruce who maintains 3rd place.  Hunter Clarke and Dr. Evil had setbacks this week allowing spyboys and BirdieBro into the Top 10.
Couldn't help but notice this week that Chris Mahadeo who only had 1 Bang On this whole season this year got 4 Bang On's this week, tied for tops for the week.
DangeRuss, BirdieBro and Hunter Clarke all made a move in the TNF category finding themselves in a money spot and with only one Thursday game left are in a good position if they can pick the winner on Thursday night.
The same goes for the MNF category as this week is the final Monday night game of the season.  Mr.Ruskin is in charge atop of the category but with this Buffalo/Cincinnati matchup this week it's a matter of picking the right team to secure his victory.
The Second Chance Survivor pool is holding strong at 22 remaining but with the selections becoming scarce it will be tough to divert the upset getting to the end of the season.  The Loser Pool lost one more poolster so it is now down to Aussie, Bend It Like Beckham Jr., Indy with or Without Luck, Mahomes Sweet Mahomes, Paralysis by Analysis and Sapphire the Husky trying to get two more wins to get to the finish line.  Good luck.
I hope everyone had a great holiday and don't forget to get your picks in before New Years Eve because I know how some of you like to ring in the New Year and could possibly sleep through the deadline the next morning.....LOL
Good luck everyone !!!!!!!
Week # 16 - Weekly Scenario26-Dec-22 12:10:08 PM
If Los Angeles Chargers win or if Indianapolis wins between 1-5, by 9 or by 17 or more then Ryle.E Coyote is the star atop the Christmas tree.
If Indianapolis wins by 6 or 7 then East Coast Defense is at the top of the chimney.
If Indianapolis wins between 10-15 then Watson, Watsoff riding high with Rudolph and the rest of the reindeers.
If Indianapolis wins by 8 then Ryle.E Coyote and East Coast Defense will share some celebratory rum and eggnog.
If Indianapolis wins by 16 then Ryle.E Coyote and Watson, Watsoff will be singing carols in glee of their shared accomplishment.
Good luck to you guys.
Deadline Week #16 Reminder and Week 15 Summary20-Dec-22 11:39:02 AM
***There is a Thursday game but the deadline for the weekend and Monday game is on Saturday morning at 9:55am PST***.
Congrats goes out to Rowdy Roddy Peeper who won the tightest contested weekly of the season.He went (15-1, 0 BO's) in the race where the top 10 teams were within 11 points.  Candid Camera (14-2, 3BO) and The Charlie Brown Punters (14-2, 2BO) were oh so close tying for second.  Los Caballeros (14-2, 1BO) closes out the prize payout positions.
It's hard to believe this late in the season with weeks running out to move up the standings that there were two poolsters UNONUEVE and MileHighBlitz that were in 11th on SNF didn't enter picks or two other poolsters Kealey Johnston and BigCityWhitty that were in 8th and 12th respectively in the MNF category also missed picks.  It's so tough to be in these positions to slide down because of missed picks is very unfortunate but VERY FORTUNATE for everyone else.  C'Mon everyone GET THOSE PICKS IN !!!!
We have a new leader overall as Hunter Clarke suffered a setback as Indy with or Without Luck, Loud Mouth Soup, Dak Dak Dak Bruce and One Cheek Sneak all managed to slide by him.
Dirty Dan maintained her lead in the Bang On category getting 4 this week but couldn't pull away from Nick Pausak and KISSMEASS who also got 4.
Dr. Evil has opened up his lead in the Winners category to 5 over One Cheek Sneak and Steveston Bills.  That might be insurmountable to catch (see the jinx I just put on it...LOL)
GBO took a chance on SNF selecting the Giants and it paid off as he is now the leader.  Fat Bob, Krista McTavish and The Mexican all benefited as well moving into money spots.
Don't forget the Top 100 qualify for the Playoff Pool.  The Charlie Brown Punters were in 176th last week and moved into a playoff spot in just one great week.  Why not you !!!!!!
Nobody likes a quitter so get those picks in before the Saturday morning deadline and make your own push to win some money !!!!!
Good luck to you all.
Week # 15 - Weekly Scenario19-Dec-22 10:52:42 AM
Tonight's scenario for the weekly win:
If Green Bay wins between 1-6 or if LA Rams win by 27 or more then The Charlie Brown Punters is your winner.
If Green Bay wins by more than 7 then Rowdy Roddy Peeper racks in the dough.
If LA Rams win between 1-25 then Lion King takes the crown.
If LA Rams win by 26 then Lion King and The Charlie Brown Punters share the win.
Good luck to you guys tonight.
Week 14 Summary and Saturday Week 15&16 Picks13-Dec-22 01:39:26 PM
Only four weeks left in the season. You know what that means !!!!! Saturday football is back. There are three games on Saturday so your picks for these three games are all due prior to the first game in the morning at 9:55am PST. Also, I might as well mention it now, in Week 16 (Christmas Week) all your picks will be required on Saturday morning by 9:55am due to most of the games being played on Christmas that enough warning???....LOL
Congrats goes out to our co-winners this week. Krista McTavish (10-3) and NoelieG (10-3) both selected some good upsets to share the winnings this week. BigCityWhitty (10-3) overcame missing his Thursday pick to capture 3rd place while PhillyMike (11-2) gets a free entry for next season with his 4th place finish.
The BIG NEWS of the week is the Winner Survivor pool has come to a conclusion as both CDG Heart and duff beer FC selected different teams but both lost this week so they will share the pot of $600. Congrats to both of you. The loser Pool lost one casualty so they are now down to 9 and the Second Chance pool took another beating losing 16 poolsters and is now down to 27.
The Overall standings did some shifting as many of the top poolsters used their previous dropped score this week (click on the poolsters actual score link under the Total Points category in the overall standings page to see dropped score) so with no more bye weeks it appears there is no more safety net for anybody to have a bad week.
Happy Ending 4daBrowns made a move on Thursday selecting the Rams to win thus moving him up from 18th to 5th and a money spot in the TNF category.
Stymied got a Gang On Sunday night vaulting himself up to 2nd place behind Covideo Replay in the SNF category.
CHINNER has surpassed former leader Mr.Ruskin in the MNF category but both have a sizable lead over 3rd place Red Leader.
Congrats to those 8 that have dominated the League play now winning 2 8-team round robin tournaments. D 2 THE C, VanHawk, JJboss, Steveston Bills, Matt Nielsen, Bald Ricky, spyboys and Indy with or without Luck now move onto the Elimination Round in a mini 4-team round robin tournament over the next three weeks were the division leaders will play for the Championship and the 2 second place teams will battle it out for the 3rd & 4th place prize money.
The H2H tournament is now down to the Final 16. Two more wins and you're in the money.
Good luck to all those in their quest to win some money and best of luck to all in the upcoming weeks to cash in before the season comes to an end.
Week # 14 - Weekly Scenario12-Dec-22 09:51:41 AM
If Arizona wins or if New England wins by 31 or more then Nflfreak wins the weekly.
If New England wins between 1-6 then PhillyMike is your winner.
If New England wins between 7-29 then NoelieG will be victorious.
If New England wins by 30 then Nflfreak and NoelieG would tie for the weekly.
League Play scenarios:
Pool 01 - If New England wins D 2 THE C would advance. If Arizona wins then Miss Valhalla would advance.
Pool 08 - If New England wins between 1-27 then Steveston Bills would advance. If Arizona wins or if New England wins by 28 or more then Rager would advance.
Best of luck to all of you.
Week 13 Summary07-Dec-22 03:23:09 PM
Congrats to Vick in a Box who set the ALL-TIME record for a week by scoring 454 points beating the previous record of 452 set by Non Caeli set in 2019.  Vick in a Box along with What A Thielen and Hardy Boys selected the TIE between the Commanders and the Giants.  Obviously they took the Top 3 spots for the week but if it wasn't for the tie then SPURS would have got the victory but instead had to settle for the 4th prize position.
Hunter Clarke is holding steady in the #1 Overall position but Indy with or without Luck, BirdieBro and Loud Mouth Soup each made huge leaps to land in 2nd, 3rd and 4th Overall.
No change with the lead in the TNF, SNF or MNF but I hope you enjoy the new feature Rae created to show the picks for the specific nights.  Thanks to Clayton Clarke for his suggestion.
There were no casualties in the Winner of Loser Survivor Pools but we did have one in the Second Chance Pool as Austin Teti didn't believe the oddsmakers and selected the Raiders to lose.  His loss....LOL
The League Play is entering the final week of the Secondary Round and here are the scenarios for those hoping to advance:
Pool #01 - D 2 THE C advances with a win or Miss Valhalla loss; Miss Valhalla advances with a win AND D2 THE C tie or loss.
Pool #02 - Winner of the Matt Nielsen vs Dak Dak Dak Bruce match up.  Matt advances with a tie.
Pool #03 - Bald Ricky has clinched the division.
Pool #04 - VanHawk has clinched the division.
Pool #05 - Can't be beaten advances with a win AND CAUS7 tie or loss.                 
....................JJboss advances with a win AND ties or losses by both Can't be beaten AND Sweet Sassy McCaffrey                 
....................Sweet Sassy McCaffrey advances with a win AND tie or loss by Can't be beaten                 
....................CAUS7 advances with a win AND tie or loss by JJboss.There are other scenarios but that would include a 3-way tiebreaker so stay tuned.
Pool #06 - spyboys has clinched the division.
Pool #07 - Indy with or without Luck has clinched the division.
Pool #08 - Forrest Gump only advances with a win.                 
....................Rager advances with a win AND Steveston Bills tie or loss; or win and outscoring Steveston Bills by 5 or more.                 
....................Steveston Bills advances with a win AND Rager tie or loss; or win and outscoring Rager or by staying within 4 points of Rager.
Don't forget the Top 100 qualify for a chance to win more money in the Playoff Pool so there is still that to play for as well.
Good luck to you all in Week 14.
New Feature04-Dec-22 05:46:28 PM
I'm very pleased to announce a new feature that will help those that are curious about what other players have on TNF, SNF and MNF. Check out the standings page for those categories to see the new feature. Thanks Rae.
Enjoy poolsters !!!!
Week 12 Summary04-Dec-22 12:10:34 PM
Sorry for my tardiness but RAVENS52 deserves the shout out for the big weekly win last week.  RAVENS52 went an impressive 15-1 with a couple of Bang On's for the victory.  norbert claims 2nd place going 14-2 with 1 Bang On.  Bordering on Uncomfortable grabbed the 3rd spot (14-2, 2BO's) and rounding out the prize spots is  MacBudweisner tallying (14-2, 0BO's).
The Winner Survivor pool is down to the Final 2 with CDG Heart and duff beer FC duking it out for the winner's circle.  There are still 10 poolsters alive in the Loser Pool while the Second Chance Survivor pool is cut down to 44 remaining.
Phil "12 men in the huddle" Hamel took advantage of the multiple game Thursday and tied with the most points of the week in the TNF category but he's the one who took the overall lead.  Mr. Ruskin took advantage of CHINNER's hiccup on MNF as he overtook him and is now the leader on MNF.
In the Secondary Round of League play we have two division leaders that have clinched the division title already even though there is 2 weeks left.  Bald Ricky and spyboys both have a two game lead and own the H2H tiebreakers with those that are 2 games back.  Congrats.
Good luck to everyone in Week 13.
Week # 12 - Weekly Scenario28-Nov-22 07:47:22 AM
His Ravens might have lost yesterday but I believe RAVENS52 was pretty happy with his Gridiron picks.
If Pittsburgh wins or if Indianapolis win by 25 or more then RAVENS52 would win the weekly.
If Indy wins by 24 then RAVENS52 and Billy Greene would share the title.
If Indy wins between 7-23 then Billy wins it outright.
If Indy wins by 6 then One Cheek Sneak would sneak out the win.
If Indy wins between 1-5 then QCIBC would snatch the victory.
Good luck to all of you.
Week 11 Summary28-Nov-22 07:48:57 AM
For those still involved in the H2H tournament, Rae added a new feature to help minimize the scroll down process and minimize the search process. Click on the Hide Completed Weeks box to reduce the size of the screen and allow you to get to your match up quicker. You can also use the "Jump to player" box to find a friend or yourself quickly as well.
Many of you have already taken a moment to enter your Thanksgiving Day picks but just another friendly reminder to do so.
This is one of those weeklys that really shows the importance of the spread selections as Locked and Genoded (11-3 with 2 Bang Ons) surpassed Dr. Evil (14-0, 3 BO's) for the weekly win by gaining 28 points on Monday night even though they had the same winning team. Noah Jessup (11-3, 4 BO's) also had a great week to finish in 3rd while Easy Breesy Take A Kneesy (12-2, 4 BO's).
Lots of Bang On's occurred this week with 10 poolsters accumulating 4 Bang On's each this week. Dr. Evil's perfect 14-0 record this week was 2 better than his next closest poolster.
DimSum Dynasty, Hard Knox and Russel Pigskon are tied in the TNF category after Hailmary902 forgot to enter his picks.
Best of luck to everybody and to those American poolsters....Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Week # 11 - Weekly Scenario21-Nov-22 01:35:48 PM
I might as well remind you now but there are 3 games on Thursday and ALL your Thursday picks need to be entered prior to the 1st day of the day. The deadline is 9:25am PST. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ENTERING THEM NOW SO YOU DON"T FORGET !!!! You can always go back and change them. Every year someone tries to get their afternoon games in because they forget their morning deadline. Not gonna happen so take my advice and get them in now.
Dr. Evil is in the driver's seat to win this week's weekly. They need San Fran to win between 1-16 or Arizona to win between 1-6 or by 14 or more.
Locked and Genoded needs a blowout with San Fran winning by 17 or more.
Suzanne Werning needs the Cards to win without the services of Kyler Murray between 7-12.
Dr. Evil and Suzanne would tie if Arizona wins by 13.
Good luck to the three of you.
Week 10 Summary16-Nov-22 11:36:35 AM
Well this week was a rough one as most of the poolsters are using this week as their new dropped week. More than any other week thus far. One poolster that rolled in the dough this week was ollyt20 as he won by the largest margin of victory thus far going 11-3 with one Bang On winning by 34 points over Lauren Dong who, unlikely, has been the runner up in back to back weeks going 9-5 with 3 Bang On's. Lauren has moved all the way up from 196th to 21st Overall in the last two weeks. Lauren edged out Shooter who went 11-3 with a Bang On but didn't fare as well with his spread points. Filling the final money spot was GuamGirl who went 9-5 with a couple of Bang On's.
The 2nd Chance Survivor pool has quickly depleted down to 60 poolsters. The Winner Survivor pool is now down to the Final Four while the Loser Survivor pool has dwindled down to 10.
Hailmary902 did exactly that and vaulted into the lead in the TNF category. Thunderjet took a chance and plucked the Washington win on MNF moving all the way up from 15th into the 2nd spot on MNF.
Good luck to all of you in Week 11.
Week # 10 - Weekly Scenario14-Nov-22 09:42:32 AM
This week it doesn't get any easier than this.
The week has been clinched with ollyt20 well ahead of the field with nobody within reach to catch him. ollyt20 went an impressive 11-2 with 1 Bang On and received Bonus points on 7 of his wins.
Congrats ollyt20 !!!!!!
Mid-Season Report - Week # 9 Summary and Early Sunday Game Reminder08-Nov-22 11:51:57 AM
For those that don't read my summaries at least remember to enter your early Sunday game (6:30am PST) in Germany when you make your Thursday pick so you don't sleep in.
Lots happening in the pool so let's get started !!!!
Congrats to Montana16 for winning the weekly going an impressive 12-1 missing only the Jets upset over the Bills.  Lauren Dong (11-2) had the most spread points amongst the weekly contenders to jump all the way up to 2nd place beating out 3rd place winner FUZZY WUZZY (12-1) by one point.  Mauls & Rauks held off the rest taking 4th prize money.
We introduced the Second Chance Survivor pool this week and as quickly as it started the Jet victory ended the pool for 58% of the poolsters.  The regular Survivor pools only lost one poolster from the Loser side so we have 6 Winners and 15 Losers remaining.
The H2H tournament came to a conclusion with (50) The Butt Fumble clinching the win on MNF beating (197) MattyR to capture the Championship.  The consolation Final for 3rd place came down to the spread points with (208) Brad Pitts Cousin claiming victory surpassing (59) JJboss outscoring him on spread points on MNF.  The new tournament and already set up and ready to go and gets underway this week so take advantage of another chance to win some $$$
Hunter Clarke holds the lead Overall at the halfway mark.  The Butt Fumble coming off his H2H win is in 2nd spot followed by last week's leader Loud Mouth Soup.
Dirty Dan has increased her lead in the Bang On category even though the 3 poolsters behind her (KISSMEASS, NIck Pausak and Raiders Rule all got 4 Bang On's this week as Dirty Dan got 5 for a mid-season total of 16.
Hunter Clarke also now has a 2 game lead in the Winners stat over DangeRuss, Klev20, Matty R and Tua Be Or Not Tua Be.
DangeRuss and Russell Pigskon share the lead on TNF with Loud Mouth Soup closing in in 3rd place.
Covideo Replay almost has a one game lead in the SNF category with a cluster of poolsters real close behind including MileHighBlitz and #TitanUp who are the closest.
CHINNER is even in slightly better shape having a 22 point lead in the MNF category with Keeley Warren in 2nd and Ababy and Donny M sharing the 3rd spot.
Good luck to everyone this week and in the 2nd half of the season.
Week # 9 - Weekly Scenario07-Nov-22 12:27:42 PM
OK, try to keep up with me here folks.
Here is the weekly winner scenario for this week:
If Baltimore wins between 1-5 Sacks in the City and Tagger would share the weekly title.
If Baltimore wins by 6 then Sacks in the City, Tagger AND Montana16 would tie for the weekly.
If Baltimore wins between 7-9 then FUZZY WUZZY wins the weekly.
If Baltimore wins by 10 or more OR if New Orleans wins by 27 or more then Montana16 wins the weekly outright.
If New Orleans wins by 1 or 2 then MacCity Massacre and leroy kelly would tie for the weekly.
If New Orleans wins by 3 or 4 leroy kelly wins the weekly by himself.
If New Orleans wins between 5-8 then MacCity Massacre wins the crown.
If New Orleans wins between 9-25 then MacCity Massacre and Bronco Chick would share the prize.
If New Orleans wins by 26 then ManCity Massacre, Bronco Chick AND Montana16 would all tie for the win.
I think that covers it.  Whew !!!!
Week 8 Summary and 2nd Chance Survivor03-Nov-22 11:15:15 AM
Congrats to Hunter Clarke this week for a fantastic week and is rewarded with the weekly win AND 2nd place Overall. Hunter went 13-2 with a couple of Bang On's. Ginja Ninja's made it interesting on Monday night but fell a little short also going 13-2 but with 1 Bang On. First Down Barker came out of nowhere to leap frog a bunch of poolsters and landed in 3rd for the week (13-2, 1BO) while Show Me Your TDs got the right team on MNF to finish 4th (13-2, 2BO).
The Second Chance Survivor Pool - Starting in Week 9 everybody will have another chance to win the Survivor Pool. This one is a little different though. You will have to choose a team to win AND a team to lose. You have to win BOTH to advance AND you have to select teams playing in separate games (can't pick a winner and loser that are playing each other) to move onto the next week and both those choices will be removed from your pick selection list.
Good luck to all.
Week # 8 - Weekly Scenario03-Nov-22 11:14:19 AM
Hunter Clarke is in the driver's seat but still not guaranteed.
Hunter needs Cincy to win or Clevland to win by 14 or more.
Ginja Ninjas need Cleveland to win between 1-12 to win.
If Cleveland wins by 13 then they would tie.
The H2H finals are now set as both (197) Matty R and (50) The Butt Fumble have clinched their semi-final match and will face each other in the finale. (208) Brad Pitts Cousin and (59) JJboss will battle it out for 3rd place.
Best of luck to all of you.
Week 7 Summary and early Sunday Game Reminder27-Oct-22 01:31:58 PM
Denver vs Jacksonville in London this week. Make sure you get your early Sunday (6:30am PST) in before game time. I always suggest doing this game along with your Thursday pick but there's always those who forget how much a hangover affects their sleep schedule and think they can get up in time.....LOL
Lots of change this week.....
First of all, we had our first weekly tie of the year. Congrats to CraKar (12-2 with 1 Bang On) and always run from the 1 (11-3 with 2 Bang On's) for splitting the Top 2 prizes. Ashley Pescott (11-3, 1) was so close but has to settle for 3rd. Bronco Chick (12-2, 2) fended off the rest to capture the 4th and final weekly price spot.
For the 7th consecutive week we have a new Overall Leader as Loud Mouth Soup is now out in the front followed closely behind by Tua Be Or Not Tua Be. Top Shelf held onto 3rd spot.
The League Play brackets for all the division winners have been established and ready to go. The result that caught my attention was Scotcho's division win as he had both Loud Mouth South AND Tua in his division but managed to squeak out the victory. Best of luck to all the winners and good luck in your next quest to win your division again.
The H2H tournament has its semi-final matchups set and they all are guaranteed money. Now it's just a matter of how much???? (208) Brad Pitts Cousin will square off against (197) MattyR and in the other semi-final we have (50) The Butt Fumble butting heads with (59) JJboss. Good luck to all 4 of you and remember that even if you lose, the losers will be playing for 3rd place the following week.
The Survivor Pool took a beating. The Winner Pool is now down to the Final 6 (down from 21) and the Loser Pool dwindled down to 16 from 32. We are almost ready to start our Second Chance Survivor Pool so be ready for that starting in Week 9.
The only new leader in the rest of the categories is Covideo Replay has surpassed the field and now is in the lead of the Sunday Night category.
Best of luck in Week 8 to each and everyone of you !!!!!!
Week # 7 - Weekly Scenario24-Oct-22 09:54:19 AM
If Chicago wins or if New England wins between 1-20 or by 27 or more then CarKar and always run from the 1 will tie for the weekly.
If New England wins between 21-25 then Mr.Ruskin would win the weekly.
If New England wins by 26 then CraKar, always run from the 1, and Mr.Ruskin would have a 3-way tie for the win.
Best of luck to the three of you.
League Play Scenario19-Oct-22 01:51:09 PM
Find your group below to see the status of the winners of each group:
Group 1 - Winner of Lauren Dong vs The Juice is Loose match up (TJIL would advance if you tie).
Group 2 - LilDavie advances with a win or tie. Loss could result in potential 4-way tiebreaker.
Group 3 - FUZZY WUZZY advances with a win. Ram Gill advances with win AND FUZZY WUZZY loss, both lose sets up potential 4-way tiebreaker.
Group 4 - Mustangs advance with win, Prime Time advances with win AND Mustangs loss.
Group 5 - Nick Keller advances with win AND Chase Butler loss or tie, Chase Butler advances with win AND Nick Keller loss or tie, both lose then El Kapitan advances.
Group 6 - Matt Nielsen advances with win or tie, loss results in the potential 4-way tiebreaker.
Group 7 - Can't be beaten advances with a win, Ben Wade advances with win AND Can't be beaten loss or tie.
Group 8 - always run from the 1 advances with a win. Loss could result in potential 3-way tie.
Group 9 - #Rogerthat advances with a win, Covideo advances with win AND #Rogerthat loss or tie, both lose sets up potential 4-way tiebreaker.
Group 10 - D 2 THE C advances with win, Todd Sorel advances with win AND D 2 THE C loss.
Group 11 - Howie has clinched the division.
Group 12 - Linden Cameron advances with a win, Segmarc66 advances with win AND Linden Cameron loss or tie, Andy Hayton advances with win AND losses or ties by both Linden and Segmarc66, losses by all 3 could result in potential 6-way tiebreaker.
Group 13 - Many scenarios and potential 6-way tiebreaker. Jim Dyste in drivers seat but not guaranteed even with a win.
Group 14 - Winner of Let The Liquor Do The Picking vs Barry Day match up (LTLDTP would advance if you tie).
Group 15 - Magzzzz8 advances with win or tie, Loss could result in potential 3-way tiebreaker.
Group 16 - Scotcho advances with a win, Tua Be Or Not Tua Be advances with win AND Scotcho loss or tie, both lose sets up potential 4-way tiebreaker.
Group 17 - Top Shelf has clinched the division.
Group 18 - Rager has clinched the division.
Group 19 - Joseph Pettifer advances with a win, Russell who? advances with win AND Joseph loss or tie, both lose then Steveston Bills advances.
Group 20 - The Hunchback of Roberts Bank advances with a win, RememberThisTitan advances with win AND Johnny Fever loss or tie. A Johnny Fever AND RememberThisTitan win causes 3-way tiebreaker.
Group 21 - Many scenarios and potential 3-way tiebreaker.
Group 22 - Keeley Warren has clinched the division.
Group 23 - Andy Bell advances with a win, Dawsonator advances with a win AND Andy Bell loss, Slates17 advances with a win AND losses by both Andy Bell and Dawsonator.
Group 24 - BanNaNgioBee advances with a win or tie, loss sets up potential 4-way tiebreaker.
Group 25 - "Skol To The Bowl" has clinched the division.
Group 26 - Nav advances with win AND lennyandnutmeg loss or tie, lennyandnutmeg advances with win AND Nav loss or tie, Raiders Suck advances with win AND losses by both Nav and lennyandnutmeg.
Group 27 - Rocky Singh has clinched the division.
Group 28 - Black Unicorns has clinched the division.
Group 29 - Beez Nuts advances with a win, Big Time Stuff advances with win AND Beez Nuts loss or tie, both lose sets up 3-way tiebreaker.
Group 30 - Bald Ricky advances with a win, Fat Bob advances with a win AND Bald Ricky loss or tie, both lose sets up potential 5-way tiebreaker.
Group 31 - Winner of Montana 16 vs One Cheek Sneak match up (M16 would advance if you tie).
Group 32 - spyboys has clinched the division.
Group 33 - Winner of Rob Gord & Sarb vs Sirhan match up (RG&S would advance if you tie).
Group 34 - GJayhawks advances with a win, PatsPatsPats advances with a win AND GJayhawks loss or tie.
Group 35 - Tracy Tao advances with a win or tie, Can you Diggs It advances with a win AND Tracy Tao loss.
Group 36 - Zore advances with a win or tie, Hunter Clarke advances with a win AND Zore loss.
Group 37 - Gary Morrissey advances with a win or tie, Forrest Gump advances with a win AND Gary Morrissey loss.
Group 38 - Geoffrey Legg advances with a win, Randrews52 advances with a win AND Geoffrey Legg loss or tie.
Group 39 - Geoff Manning has clinched the division.
Group 40 - Gregg Scully advances with a win, Jim Carpenter advances with a win AND Gregg Scully loss or tie, both lose and Miller(mike) win sets up 3-way tiebreaker.
Group 41 - Many scenarios and potential 3-way tiebreaker.
Group 42 - Winner of #GFY vs What a Thielen match up (#GFY would advance if you tie).
Group 43 - Miss Valhalla advances with a win or tie, Leann Yutuc advances with a win AND Miss Valhalla loss.
Group 44 - WE GOT THE RUNS has clinched the division.
Group 45 - Indy with or without Luck advances with a win or tie, Misty Bell advances with a win AND GuamGirl loss or tie, Misty Bell AND GuamGirl both win sets up 3-way tiebreaker.
Group 46 - Soho advances with a win, Fockers de Colibri la Baie advances with a win AND Soho loss or tie, both lose sets up potential 5-way tiebreaker.
Group 47 - Many scenarios and potential 5-way tiebreaker.
Group 48 - Chilliwack Jack & Thorold Lymee advances with a win or tie, Rico advances with a win AND Stay Shady loss or tie. A Rico win and Stay Shady win causes 3-way tiebreaker.
Group 49 - Los Caballeros has clinched the division.
Group 50 - Winner of WascowyWabit vs VanHawk match up (VanHawk would advance if you tie).
Group 51 - The Butt Fumble advances with a win, Marvin Dege advance with a win AND The Butt Fumble loss or tie, Neil Winship advances with a win AND Marvin Dege loss or tie.
Group 52 - Sweet Sassy McCaffrey advances with a win, Happy Endings 4daBrowns advances with a win AND Sweet Sassy McCaffrey loss or tie.
Group 53 - Colter has clinched the division.
Group 54 - Nflfreak advances with a win or tie, DiscoStu advances with a win AND Nflfreak loss.
Group 55 - #TitanUp advances with a win, Pizza Guy advances with a win AND #TitanUp loss or tie, both lose and Douche win creates a 3-way tiebreaker.
Group 56 - CAUS 7 has clinched the division.
Group 57 - Winner of Hate the Drake vs Dak Dak Dak Bruce match up (DDDB would advance if you tie).
Group 58 - Many scenarios and potential 3-way tiebreaker.
Group 59 - Winner of 15Kokanee vs Pats Princess match up (15Kokanee would advance if you tie).
Group 60 - Excessive Celebration would advance with a win or tie, loss would create a 3-way tiebreaker.
Group 61 - J-ville Jack has clinched the division.
Group 62 - Reiko Munro would advance with a win, Jeff Burt would advance with a win AND a Reiko Munro loss or tie, Rubba Chubb Chubb would advance with a win AND losses or ties by both Reiko Munro AND RCC, Morg Madu would advance with a win AND losses by both Reiko Munro AND RCC.
Group 63 - Air Allaire has clinched the division.
Group 64 - CHINNER has clinched the division.
Week 6 Summary19-Oct-22 11:14:51 AM
Congrats goes out to DangeRuss who dominated this week going 12-2 and ran away with the weekly win. Austin Teti could have given her a run for her money IF he had remembered his Thursday pick but still outperformed the rest to come in 2nd place. BroncoBrian's Broncos may have let him down on Monday night but he still managed to hang onto 3rd place followed closely behind by Loud Mouth Soup to round out the prize winners.
Rob Gord & Sarb is our NEW Overall Leader, Loud Mouth Soup jumped all the way from 35th to land in the 2nd spot and Top Shelf slid into 3rd to round out the Top 3 Overall.
Famfin and GJayhawks lead the way in the Bang On category.
Klev20 reclaims a share of the top spot in Most Winners with Dr. Evil.
Segmarc66, Philly Mike and Howie retain the Top 3 spots in the Thursday Night category.
Ginja Ninjas has a small lead in the Sunday Night category holding off Harry Pom, Covideo Replay and Tyler Dege.
Mr. Ruskin has a little breathing room leading the way on Monday Nights. CHINNER and THE PROFESSOR 44 both narrowed the gap mind you.
We are down to the Elite Eight in the H2H tourney with the winners of the following matchups guaranteed to win some of the prize pot:
(208) Brad Pitts Cousin vs (104) Ron Manning
(52) Colter vs (197) MattyR
(50) The Butt Fumble vs (55) Sat Chatta
(67) Money Graham vs (59) JJboss
THIS IS THE FINAL WEEK OF ROUND ROBIN PLAY IN THE LEAGUE. The division winners after this week will carry onto another 7 week round robin with the other 63 division winners in 8 groups of 8. The tie breaker rules can be found under the Document Section in the left pane on the home page.
The Survivor Pools took another hit this week with over half of the poolsters in the Winner side bowing out and only 21 remain. In the Loser side, there are still 32 remaining but it's starting to dwindle as well.
Good luck to all in Week 7
Week # 6 - Weekly Scenario18-Oct-22 02:41:00 PM
If the Chargers win or if Denver wins by 25 or more then DangeRuss is your weekly winner.
If Broncos win between 1-6 then BroncoBrian would buck the win.
If Broncos win between 7-23 then Tyler Geremia is screaming victory.
If Broncos win by 24 then DangeRuss and Tyler would celebrate together as they would tie for the win.
Best of luck to the 3 of you.
Week 5 Summary12-Oct-22 09:25:56 PM
A big shout out to Morg Madu who is this weeks weekly winner.  Morg started with a Bang On on Thursday and never looked back going 13-3 in total.  A Distraught Dolphins Fan came up just 1 point short going 14-2 with a Bang On to finish in 2nd. Rob Gord & Sarb came in 3rd place and GonnHurtsU! finished 4th both scoring BIG in the San Fran game and notching 12 wins as well.
We have our fifth consecutive NEW Overall Leader as J-ville Jack leads a very tight pack atop the Leader board followed closely behind by Howie and Rob Gord & Sarb.
We are down to our Sweet Sixteen in the H2H tournament with #1 seed #HereWeGo still strutting his stuff. (442) seed FUNGFUPANDA had a rough season last year but is rebounding big time, upsetting every opponent he has faced thus far.
With only 2 weeks left in League play these three poolsters are sitting pretty.  WE GOT THE RUNS, spyboys and Air Allaire all have a 2 game lead in their respective divisions with 2 games to go.  One thing that really caught my attention is Chase Butler's squad.  He is tied for the lead in his division with a 2-0-3 record.  The fact that he has 3 ties is simply amazing with the broad range of total scores each week.
Best of luck to you all in Week 6.  This is the first week with bye weeks so there are only 14 games this week.
Week # 5 - Weekly Scenario12-Oct-22 10:45:41 AM
This was a tricky week to figure out so try and keep up.
Morg Madu is in the driver seat but has some popular gaps that his win can fall through.
Morg Madu wins with a Vegas victory (no Vegas Picks can pass him) or if Kansas City wins by 1-2, 5-6, 9, or by 13 or more.
GonnaHurtsU! wins with a KC win of 10 or 11.
A Distraught Dolphins Fan wins with a Chief victory by 3.
Rob Gord & Serb wins if Chiefs win by 7.
Morg and Dolphin Fan tie with a Chief victory by 4
Morg and Rob Gord Serb tie with a KC win by 8
Morg and GonnaHurtsU! tie with a KC win by 12.
For those in the Top 10, I'll be sending a separate email to show you a graph that shows you where you will finish if the winning team wins by___?
Good luck to all of you mentioned above.
Week 4 Summary12-Oct-22 10:46:17 AM
Reminder - There is another game being played in London this Sunday morning at 6:30am PST so please make sure you get this pick in before the deadline. I noticed some of you didn't take my advise about entering this pick when you did your Thursday pick and missed out on this game. Don't let it happen again....LOL
Everlast had a convincing 14-2 record with 2 Bang On's to walk away with the top prize this week. Coco-loco made it interesting on Monday night but came up short also going 14-2 to finish in 2nd. Gronkey Long followed up closing the gap on both leaders but still managed to get the 3rd place moola while Fruce Baulkner (not me) was able to hang on for 4th and earned a free entry for next season.
CHINNER had a great week also and moved into the #1 spot Overall. Sidhu Sqaud moved up one notch to 2nd and MattyR is making a move all the way up to 3rd Overall.
Hunter Clarke joins Dr. Evil, CHINNER and Fruce Baulkner atop the leaderboard for the most wins. GJayhawks has amassed 8 Bang On's in 4 weeks to sit atop the leaders in the Bang On category followed closely behind with Blair Madu, Dirty Dan, Niner Nation and Raiders Rule who all have 7.
The leaders for the Nightly categories include:
Thursday - Dim Sum Dynasty, Baby Got Dak, DangeRuss, STICKY WOODS
Sunday - #TitanUp, Ginja Ninjas, BirdieBro, Lets Skol Crazy
Monday - Mr. Ruskin, Bruce Laidlaw, CHINNER
Good luck in Week 5 to EVERYONE !!!
Week # 4 Scenario and LIVE UPDATES03-Oct-22 10:02:23 AM
Well it appears that Birthday Boy Everlast has put himself in the driver's seat this week but there are still some outcomes that could mess him up.
If LA wins or if San Fran wins between 1-4 or by 9 or more then victory would be sealed but.......
if San Fran wins between 5-7 then Coco-loco would eke out the win.
If San Fran wins by 8 then they would tie.
LIVE UPDATES - Thank you all for your feedback about the new feature LIVE UPDATES. While there was much positive feed about enjoying the live update feature. There was also some resistance about it. For several different reasons, and all of them made sense to me, going forward I will be going back to only updating the FINAL scores once the game clocks reach 0:00 (or if they start playing in the victory formation...LOL). This would ensure no confusion on any of the other standings or features on the website.
Week 3 Summary and England Deadline30-Sep-22 04:50:47 PM
When you enter your Thursday game you might want to include the first Sunday game (Min/NO) as it starts at 6:30am PST on Sunday morning and I don't want you to forget about that.
A big blow into the dog whistle to celebrate Will Dogg's weekly win. Will went 12-4 and finished with a Bang On on Monday night along with Keeley Warren who finished in 2nd. (_|_) Buttmonkey finished in 3rd and rookie Indy Jhutti rounds out the prize winners.
Nflfreak had the most wins with 14 this week but the spreads were a little off compared to the others. Stink eye!! has now moved into the Overall lead followed by Will Dogg and Sidhu Squad's 3 Bang On's helped move up to 3rd.
The Survivor pools once again took another beating this week with only 70 remaining in the Winner Pool and 50 left in the Loser Pool after only 3 weeks.
Week # 3 Scenario26-Sep-22 09:47:17 PM
Very simple this week.
If NY Giants win the Steveston Bills win the weekly.
If Dallas wins then Will Dogg is your winner.
Rooting for you Will Dogg.......LOL
Would be very happy for Steveston Bills though if they won.
Week 2 Summary22-Sep-22 10:44:14 AM
Shout out goes out to Ryan Peet who didn't even need the 2nd Monday night game to clinch victory for the week.
Ryan went 12-4 with 3 Bang On's to cruise to the win.
James Donald rolled into 2nd as he tied for the most wins this week with 13 along with Stink eye!! who finished tied for 3rd spot with Tyler Geremia to cash in edging out Steve Werning who missed out on the money by one point.
Pittsburgh at Cleveland matchup tonight so don't forget to get your pick in for tonight.  Las Catrinas and Git-R-Done might want to do all your picks so you don't forget on Sunday morning....LOL
Good luck to all in Week 3.
Week 1 Summary13-Sep-22 12:21:27 PM
Congratulations goes out to FLIPFLOPPIN for a great week.  She went 12-4.  Although Klev20 went 13-3 to get 3rd spot, FLIPFLOPPIN's spread points were a little more accurate to get the edge.  Kyle Bedford grabbed 2nd to round out the Top 3.
The big surprise this week was the Survivor pools that took a beating in Week 1.  In both pools, 60% of the poolsters have been eliminated reducing the pools from 512 to just over 200 poolsters remaining in both sections.  For those of you already eliminiated (we included) no worries as the Second Chance Survivor Pool starts in Week 9 so we get a second crack at it.
I was very happy with the amount of people entering their picks this week as we only had one participant forget to get their Sunday picks in and everyone that got picks in remembered their Survivor picks.  Don't forget to enter your picks for Thursday night and remember you could enter all the games this week on Thursday and adjust them as you see fit at any point before the Sunday deadline but at least you would have picks in in case you sleep in.
Best of luck to you in Week 2.
Week # 1 Scenario13-Sep-22 12:07:39 PM
Well we are off and running. Some faster than others mind you.....LOL
If Seattle wins outright then FLIPFLOPPIN easily wins the weekly.
If Denver wins between 1-9 or by 36 or more then duff beer FC would be the winner.
If Denver wins between 10-13 then Geoffrey Legg would be crowned champ.
If Denver wins between 14-34 then One Cheek Sneak would pull off the BIG win.
If Denver wins by 35 then duff beer FC and One Cheek Sneak would tie for the prize.
Best of luck to all 4 of you.
SURVIVOR PICK !!!10-Sep-22 10:54:00 AM
Please remember to enter your Survivor picks located in the RED box located above the rest of your picks on the pick sheet. The deadline for the Survivor pick will remain on Sunday to allow all those who miss the early games of the week a chance to still pick a game remaining. Obviously if you put in your pick after the Thursday game then those Thursday teams will not be eligible to pick from. Hopefully this helps everyone.....if you SURVIVE!!!!!
Things you need to know10-Sep-22 10:55:08 AM
Well we are all ready to go. Everyone should have your password. If you don't then please let me know so I can make sure you are good to go.
Many of you have started to enter your picks and that is awesome. Just a reminder that the Survivor Pool starts up and those BIG SWIRLING RED ARROWS are there to help remind you that you still need to enter the Survivor Picks. The deadline is Sunday morning but if you want the Thursday night game then that pick has to be in before the Thursday deadline. Also make sure you enter the TEAM AND THE MARGIN OF VICTORY some people forget about the margin of victory. A reminder will pop up but some just ignore it.
Some of you have already found out how to insert a team name you want to display. If you want to use a Team name simply click on Edit Profile in the Top right corner and enter the name you wish to participate with in the Display Name box. Sometimes it's tough to find your friends when they change their team name which is why we have the Friends List so you can easily find your friends in the Standings as they will be highlighted (you are as well) to find your friends easily. The Display Name (your team nickname) will lock on Sunday so if you wish to use this feature please make sure you have the name you wish to use before then. I will be removing any profound or distasteful names so please make sure the names are PG13. Greatly appreciated.
League Play is back (see the Display League Play link on the left) and I'm very excited about this as you will start your season in a Group of 8, play everybody in your group once and at the end if you win your division you move onto the next round. Just like the H2H bracket, you will obtain easy access to find which division you are in by clicking on the JUMP TO MY POOL link above Pool # 1. Below your pool you can click on SHOW SCHEDULED MATCHUPS to see who's playing who in your division that week. Standings will be updated after the Monday night game is recorded.
For those that don't know, there will also be two Head to Head (H2H) tournaments (see the Display Head 2 Head link on the left). Single round elimination, win and move on, lose and you're out. Somebody has to win. Why not you?
That should be it. Once again if you have ANY questions about the website, scoring process or any else about the pool, please don't hesitate to contact me. That's why I'm here. Best of luck to all of you and I hope you enjoy the pool.
Entries for 2022 Gridiron Season10-Sep-22 10:55:33 AM
We have now reached capacity for this season. Thank you all for your continued interest and passion for this pool. Have a great season and good luck.
Where in the World......01-Jun-21 09:27:54 AM
......can you join a fun football pool which pays over $38,000 in a season for a one time fee of $80????
What do you get for your $80 you ask:
Entries into - not 1 but 3 Survivor Pools, 2 Tournament brackets, 1 League Play, 18 chances to win 1 of 4 weekly prizes each week, too many season long competitions to name them all (read in previous messages below) and lots more. And it's as easy as taking 5 minutes a week to enter your picks.
What are you waiting for? Contact me now to get started. Read below for more details.
Description of Prize Payouts01-Jun-21 09:27:03 AM
For those of you new to the pool and for those who didn't quite get it last season here is a breakdown of the types of standings and other ways to win money.
Overall Standings
I've basically broken down how the points work in the rules (link to the left under Documents). The overall standings is the total of your points from your best 16 out of 17 weeks (you throw your worst week out the window, but it comes back later read on). The Top 20 at the end of the regular season win prize money. Any ties split the total prize money between the tied positions.
Weekly Results
This category is your total points from all of the games for the week. There is one weekly winner, one second place winner, one third place winner, and one fourth place winner each week and 17 weekly and runner up winners throughout the season. Any ties split the weekly winnings.
Highest Dropped Week
This is where your worst week of the season comes back into play. See how your worst week stacks up against your fellow participants. If you fall in the Top 5 you actually win money for a bad week (it can't be too bad though).
Most Bang On's
Bang On's are predictions where you pick the correct team AND the correct spread. If you can average slightly over 1 per week you've done very well for yourself as they are tougher to come by as you would think. Whoever ends up with the 5 highest totals wins $$$ at seasons end.
Most Winners
So you were way off on your spreads throughout the season. You couldn't even come close, fear not as there is a category for you. Back to basics, just picking the winner of the most games by the time the season closes. Top 5 winners get to say "Show me the Money".
Thursday Night Scores
Commentators Joe Buck and Troy Aikman with sideline reporter Erin Andrews lead this nights scoring. Accumulate points on this evening and all the US Thanksgiving games throughout the season. Top 5 get paid here as well.
Sunday Night Scores
Whenever you see Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, and Michele Tafoya on Sunday night is when this category kicks in. Add up all your Sunday night scores throughout the year and see if it earns you some cash. Yes, you guessed it, the Top 5 get paid.
Monday Night Scores
See Sunday Night Scores but replace Al, Cris and Michele with Joe Tessitore, Booger McFarland, and Lisa Salters.
Playoff Standings
The Gridiron Football Pool also rewards their Top Point getters with a bonus playoff round to win more money. The Top 100 at the end of the season qualify for the Playoffs (no more money required). You basically do the same as you have during the regular season by picking the team and spreads every week but as you start nearing the Super Bowl some people need to start taking chances with either wacky big spreads or pulling for a huge underdog to come through to snag victory out from underneath the leaders feet. Weird things happen but you're never safe until the Vince Lombardi trophy is raised. The Top 10 win money.
Head 2 Head Tournament
Do nothing more than enter your picks and enjoy the game. This little tournament gives you something else to pull for during the season. Starting in Week 1, you have a chance to be the last poolster standing. Each week you will be facing off against someone else in the pool. You will be able to see their picks after the deadline and then you can compare which games you have different and cheer on those games. Win and you move on, lose and you're done. The Top 4 winners win money (if you make the Top 4 the losers in the semi-finals play each other for 3rd place). Don't worry if you get knocked out early because we start all over again in Week 9 and do it again one more time.
Here is the tie breaker procedure:
1. Most wins
2. Most Bang On's
3. Best score in prior week
4. Best score 2 weeks prior etc.
Please click on the Display Head 2 Head link to the left for the bracket and find yourself and who you face (coming once participants are finalized).
League Play is returning. With 512 poolsters, we will start the season with 64 groups of 8. Everybody plays everyone in their division once and after 7 weeks whoever is on top of their division will move onto the next round. Starting Week 8, the 64 division leaders will be reseeded and broken into 8 divisions of 8 poolsters and once again everybody plays everybody in their division once. Division winners will move onto the Round of 8 and play single elimination bracket for the final 3 weeks of the season. Only the strong will survive this league.
Tiebreaker Rules
1. Head to Head
2. Most points in the Round currently playing
3. Most Wins in Round
4. Most Bang On's
5. Most Points in Overall Standings
6. Whatever
The Survivor Pools
Winner Pool - Select a winner each week. If they win you move onto the following week lose and you're out. The catch is that you cannot pick the team that you selected again for the balance of the season.
Loser Pool - Same as the winner pool but you select a team to lose. If you select a team to win in the winner pool you CAN select the same team to lose in the Loser pool.
The Second Chance Survivor Pool - Starting in Week 9 everybody will have another chance to win the Survivor Pool. This one is a little different though. You will have to choose a team to win AND a team to lose. You have to win BOTH to advance AND you have to select teams playing in separate games (can't pick a winner and loser that are playing each other) to move onto the next week and both those choices will be removed from your pick selection list.
The money breakdown will be up shortly as well once I determine the amount of poolsters and the breakdown of all the different prizes. (Click on Money Distribution link under Documents to the left for disbursements)
Gridiron Web Features14-Aug-20 10:51:23 AM
For all the standings for each individual category please click on the Display Results & Standings and click on the drop down box titled Select Standing Type. This will show you the standings for the Most Wins, Most Bang On's, Most Sunday night points, Most Monday night points, Best Dropped Week and the Thur Night Category. You can also select a year to reminisce how you fared in seasons past. The dropped week will come into play starting Week 2. When you notice that after Week 2 that only one week was recorded it is because you don't count your lowest week at seasons end. The Overall Standings will always calculate your total score minus your lowest week.
One of the newer features that Rae has installed on the web site is the Compare Player Picks link to the left. Use this feature to to see how you stack up against your opponent for the week. The games you have different will be bolded to easily see which games mean the most to win and view the results and compare how the spread points differ between the two sets of picks.
The Head 2 Head tourney starts Week 1 so click on Display Head 2 Head. Underneath the Cowboys picture there is a link titled Jump to my Name. Click on this link and it will show you where you are on the flow chart and it should be highlighted. Win you move on lose and your out.
Click on Display Survivor Results to see how you and others fared in the Dog Eat Dog world of the Survivor Pool.
Highlight your friends in your standings. Click on Edit Profile in the top right corner of the page. Select the Display Name or the Player name of your friend and then click on ADD FRIEND (I always forget that part). Once that is done they will be highlighted on your standings page as well. Select as many or as little as you want.
Survivor Rules14-Aug-14 12:26:42 PM
Once you get your password (which you only get once you pay) and click on Enter My Picks, you will notice at the top of the page a box with an arrow pointing to it titled Survivor Pick. Every week you will select a team to outright win the game. If they win you advance to the next week. If they lose then you are done for the season. That sounds easy enough, what’s the catch. The catch is you are only allowed to select a team once per season. Once you’ve selected a team you can no longer pick them so it gets tougher as you go along.
Your pick MUST be in before the deadline of Sunday at 9:55 PST. If you forget, you’re out of luck.
On the left side of the screen, click Display Survivor Results and you will be able to see the other Survivor picks 5 minutes prior to opening kickoff.
We also have a Loser Survivor Pool as well. Same as the picking the winner as in seasons past but this one who have to pick the losers.
The prize payout will be determined once the field of participants has been established. If more than 1 of you survive all 17 weeks you will split the prize pot between yourselves. If more than one of you are eliminated at the same time but are the last group remaining you will split the pot.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to fire off your questions and I would be happy to share them with the group.
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